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2021 PG Bryce McGowens - LOI

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I am fully expecting McGowens to be N as well and I'm trying to figure out how this will still end in some sort of horrible kick to the balls.  After committing, I would not be surprised if one of the

Will @hhcmatt allow me to drop an f-bomb just this once to express how phuquing stoked I am?

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12 hours ago, huskerbill85 said:

So what realistically would the impact be with Bryce on the team next year if he does end up being a top 20 pick in the draft? Possible tournament team or is that not very realistic thinking? 


Consider that a lot of the B1G teams have several guys as highly rated as Bryce McGowens on their roster. Adding just one high end prospect doesn't mean that we're all of a sudden going to either out talent or out experience anyone. There are still so many questions and holes on this team that breaking out of the bottom 4 next year seems like sunshine pumping. There are also plenty of teams with top 5 NBA picks who couldn't make the tourney.


FWIW McGowens seems like the type of 5* based on how polished he as opposed to how much potential he has. Isaiah Roby and Glynn Watson were both 4 stars with very different timelines on how quickly they were able to contribute on court.


Is McGowens the missing straw that stirs the drink on offense? To me the answer to that question will dictate how far this team might go next year.

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17 hours ago, hskr4life said:


Our streak continues.  Though I think it was a real McA hole move not to include him.  Big SNUB, and in my opinion, he makes it if he had signed for a blue blood.


Totally agree with you but at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter other than NU fans can say we have a McDonald's All-American on our team.  Either way, this kid huge get and could open the door for us to get other 5 star recruits if Fred gets him to the league.

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19 hours ago, hskr4life said:


Our streak continues.  Though I think it was a real McA hole move not to include him.  Big SNUB, and in my opinion, he makes it if he had signed for a blue blood.

I'm pretty sure Andre Almeida was a McDonald's All-American.

And a KFC All-American.

And an Arby's All-American.

And a Wendy's All-American.

And I have no doubt, that if such a thing existed, Thor would have been a McDonald's All-Icelander.

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