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Since there seem to have been a plethora of avatar changes recently and since Moonlight has gotten the baseball season off to a slow start, I thought I would initiate a new group of avatars.  It would seem to be a good time for this since we are now free of the angst about who will be coaching here for quite awhile. For those who are new to the board, Old Jimmy has done this before with some success with a library of fine leather-bound "Walters" while Pitchford played here. Unfortunately these were lost in the great computer crash of 2018 so we'll go with "Freds" this time. Some will be easy and some tougher-feel free to provide names if desired and the avatars will be changed until I tire of the game and resurrect Moonlight. So here goes.

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Since the thread now appears to have finally ended, I'll impart one final bit of trivia regarding the above guy. Fred Waring was a famous and popular bandleader and chorale leader in the days of radio

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18 minutes ago, jimmykc said:

Hey, quit stealing all of my Freds, you're spoiling my fun. Yes, this one is Fred Garrity. I thought he would be easy since the recent video. He also bears a striking resemblance to Buddy Holly. I think they shared the same glasses.


I didn't give away a name. It's a good one. Just helping accumulate all the Freds. ?

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