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No Husker Hoops Just Hoiberg Hoops Now

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6 hours ago, busticket said:

I am so slow.  Didn’t realize it is April Fools Day!


I wasn’t totally opposed to this for the short term.  

Dont worry. I had my freakout on Twitter instead. Only now seeing this thread. Haha we really got duped. It was fun tho. 


On the topic though, I know I'm not alone in hating april fools as an entire tradition. The same people who do this shit and laugh at you online are the same jerk off obnoxious 12 year old neighbor kid you encountered during childhood who always laughed at his own jokes, and whose favorite "holiday" was april fools. 


Mind you, I'm no stick in the mud, I actually enjoy a good practical joke. I've learned to laugh at myself when I get fooled. But I hate this day. 

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