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Sadly, I’ll have to retire my avi for the first time in 4 years.  THANK YOU GLYNN!

So many Fred Hoiberg pics to choose from.  Sadly, I am stuck with a bald guy, who may not even be coaching next year.  Such is the life of a toupee.

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2 hours ago, cipsucks said:

First game I ever went to, in the Coliseum, had to be 1973 or 74, we were playing Kansas State.  During a time out, when the crowd was silent, someone shouted out "Cip Sucks!"  Don't remember much else about the game.  That line, however, stays with me! 

And he did, my dad would cuss him out every game. I'm sticking with the Bugeaters avi.


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33 minutes ago, demone said:

Decided I would join the party!


Now, if someone could tell me how I can add a signature, I would be quite grateful! ?


It's buried under settings so it's harder to find

The direct link for anyone is here https://huskerhoopscentral.com/settings/signature/

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I don't care about the changing avatars.  I'm used to change.  Mrs. cip rearranges the furniture both at home and the restaurant all the frickin' time.  But the name changes are driving me crazy.  When cwg changed, that one was pretty easy to figure out due to the number of posts.  The rest of you, when I see a new name with a decent number of posts, I'm saying, "who the hell was that?"  Stay off my grass and knock the crap off.  ?

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On 3/30/2019 at 5:13 PM, Norm Peterson said:

I'm sticking with Norm Peterson. You all probably expected that.

I watched “Fletch” again last night & had forgotten George Wendt plays a Junky/Beach bum named Fat Sam. Sadly that movie doesn’t hold up as well as “Caddy Shack” or some others from that era.

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