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Thomas Allen to transfer

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1 hour ago, Blackshirt83 said:


Here is the recruiting schedule starting may 1st.


3 day quiet period 

8 day dead period

3 day recruiting period 

4 day dead period 

6 day recruiting period 

1 day quiet period 

3 day evaluation period 

4 day recruiting period ending May 2nd.


That schedule is ridiculous.  8 changes of what you can and can't do in 35 days?  I may be a little softer on offenders of improper phone calls, texts, contact knowing how often what coaches are allowed to do/not do changes.  

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2 hours ago, royalfan said:


I agree.  He easily can have a destination already somewhat sorted out.  

I think he made the smart move. Get your name out there as early as possible and start talking. A month from now a few spots will already be filled through the transfer market. 


TA is talented enough for some schools to hold a spot for him. Gotta keep your options open. That being said, if it is Hoiberg i think he stays.

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Isaiah Roby, in particular, is really a salt-of-the-earth type of kid. He was extremely generous with his time and attention when my 11 year old and I attended the Nebrasketball Buddies at the Hendricks Training Center back in mid-Dec. The Nebrasketballers had just came back from beating Okie St. in Sioux Falls a couple days earlier, and the players could have bolted out the back-door if they so chose after the hubbub of the event that Tuesday night. Glynn and Zay were especially kind and helpful. They signed the memorabilia and took pictures like 2 pros -- I have no doubt in my mind that those 2 dudes are going places. They conducted themselves very, very well that night when they could have snuck out & no one would've been the wiser.


And, of course, I had to have a lengthy conversation with Coach Miles and Greg Eaton, who conducts the Summer Camps. Both were more than gracious with their time, as was Coach Gates, who said he LOVED Lincoln--way better than Gainesville, FL (his words!). All in all, I have such fond memories of a couple hours of Nebrasketball Buddies. Credit to Miles & Co. -- they don't cut corners, even on a "fun night" with fans & young ballers !!!!



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18 hours ago, Nebrasketball1979 said:


I couldn't agree more that he made the smart move.  Thomas Allen is a good kid and I can say this confidently after a personal interaction I had with him after the Butler game.  As a lot of you probably know, about 30 minutes after home games a lot of the players come out of the locker room to see friends, family or to sign autographs for kids.  We were tipped off to this nugget last year after the UTSA game.  My 9 year old couldn't have been more thrilled to meet his favorite players.  My son and I drive back for a game once a year but made a second trip this year over his spring break to see the NIT game. One player he had never gotten a chance to meet during the three games we had seen in person, including Butler, was his favorite player - Isaiah Roby.   We were meandering around the players tunnel a good 45 minutes after the Butler game and the security guard told everyone that was left that the Arena was closing in 10 minutes.  The security guard and I got in a conversation and I was explaining to him that we were from Colorado and my son was hoping to meet Isaiah.  We were told that there were other NIT media obligations for certain members of the team and that most players wouldn't be coming out.  Well, Thomas Allen was standing pretty close by and happened to hear part of the conversation as he didn't have the same media obligations since he didn't play.  He asked me who my son was trying to meet and I told him Isaiah.  He whipped out his phone and called Isaiah on the spot and asked him where he was because "there was a kid from Denver that came all the way out to the game to meet him".  Isaiah was getting treatment on his legs but told Thomas that we was more than happy for him to bring me and my son back so that he could meet him.  Thomas escorted us back to the locker room and my son got the opportunity to meet his favorite player:





Whatever Thomas Allen decides to do is ok in my book.  Coaches can leave on their own or get fired and the kids are stuck either having to play for a new coach they don't know or potentially lose a year by transferring.  I hope to see Thomas back in a Husker uniform but wish him nothing but the best wherever he goes.  I'll be a fan of his wherever he is playing.  


I should also add that Roby couldn't have been any more generous with his time.  He talked to my son for a few minutes, signed his poster, and certainly didn't have to take time out of his treatment.  One thing I can say about every player we've met and quite honestly, we've met just about everyone over our past 3 trips is that all of those young men on the team were very respectful and gracious with the time they gave the hoard of kids after each game.  I think this is a testament to Coach Miles and the character of the players he brought into Lincoln.


And this is why I have a man crush on Roby!!!  He could have at least put a shirt on for the picture though  :)

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