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Nebraska (17-15) vs. Maryland (22-9) Game Thread

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1 minute ago, khoock said:

I have Hulu Live TV. I pay 39.99 and get literally every sports channel you would want minus NBA TV and NFL Network and never have any issues. 

Yep. And here in Iowa, Hulu provides me with the Twins, Royals, Cubs, White Sox, Brewers and that red team in eastern Missouri as "home teams." So much better than cable.

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Something tells me this last 8 minutes is going to take 8 years off my life.  Going to be like the USA Russia hockey game.  

Does this mean I have to watch Delaware St. play tonight?  

Just now, PimpMario said:


16 losses is still... Well 16 losses

Very true. Im trying not to get sucked in to the moment (even though this is awesome). And i am very on the fence about it. Tim is still young and I think he can still be a very successful HC. 


If only we could look in to the future and see how much he will improve on his areas of weakness as a coach ?. That would make the decision SOOOOO much easier.

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8 minutes ago, Handy Johnson said:

The last three wins were some of the most remarkable in Husker history, when all the factors are stirred in the pot. Just unbelievable...


It's as abrupt a turnaround for the better as was that incredulous nose dive from hell. 


When the Huskers have mood swings, they don't screw around. 

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