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College Basketball --- laying down the law (maybe)

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NCAA won't do anything. I wish the FBI would legitimately beat-down the cheating fools within college basketball. Let's level the proverbial playing field. All the teams who try to do things right sho

There is a (maybe)*        

So does this mean that Sean might be looking for a coaching job next year??

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Yup.  Some dirt spread on reputation of the Jays.  But since they seem to be a program that wins, all will likely be forgiven.  ?


By the way, I understand that the head coach is in charge of the overall program.  If an assistant coach is doing this, isn't the head coach ultimately responsible?  Someone should give a jingle to Rick Petino to check if that is true or not...

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Much of the testimony and playback of phone calls and videos Wednesday included several references Dawkins made to the influence college coaches had on players and his connections. Blazer testified that part of the plan was to pay college coaches to gain early access to their top NBA-bound players, so they could gain influence and form relationships before the players knew their true worth.


Prosecutors showed a screenshot of a text message that Blazer said was Dawkins' list of coaches he planned to target. At the top, it said, "These are my main guys," and it included several names of schools and coaches, including six head coaches at the time: Michigan State's Tom Izzo, LSU's Wade, UNLV's Marvin Menzies, Louisville's Rick Pitino, North Carolina State's Kevin Keatts and Arizona's Miller, whose name was listed first. Pitino and Menzies have since been fired.


Some of the other schools on the list, along with names of assistant coaches, were Alabama, Arizona State, Cleveland State, Creighton, DePaul, Miami, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M and USC. The list did not indicate any payments to coaches, nor whether those coaches were contacted.


Blazer also testified that he met with the following assistant coaches: Yasir Rosemond from Alabama, Anthony Coleman from Arizona State and Amir Abdur-Rahim from Texas A&M (now Kennesaw State's head coach), but he did not provide any further details Wednesday of his meetings with those coaches. He said he met with USC's Bland, as well as Creighton assistant coach Preston Murphy, who Blazer said took $6,000 at the meeting and arranged to be set up on a monthly retainer.



First time I've seen Izzo's name brought up in this stuff.



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6 minutes ago, GoBigFred said:


Exactly. Fire Murphy. Claim complete ignorance to his actions and downright shock. Hire a new assistant. Move on.


Rinse and repeat. 


Well, according to Nyatawa, looks like step #2 has already been taken care of.  What a disgusting cesspool.

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