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Coaches that you think should be on Nebraska's list, if this trend continues

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There is a need to reiterate the fact that Coach Miles IS a good coach.  He would not have worked up to this level in the business if he was not a good coach.  He was in fact, coach of the year just a

A long time ago, I used to watch every game and soak up every word the talking heads said, every point, all the analysis, all their expert opinions, all their insider insights, all their unnamed sourc

I just hope the next coach, whoever it is, works as hard through adversity as Tim Miles does.   The writing has been on the wall for awhile.  It would have been easy to just cash in his chip

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I’m not so certain I look at the roster and potential roster and see a 20 win team....  is it a given Roby returns? Who else transfers or leaves.  Honestly, it shouldn’t feel like in year 7 you need another 5. I’m yesr 7 you’d hope when someone goes down you have enough guys in the program to fill the role. 


Just not where I’d hope to be in year 7. 

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2 minutes ago, KearneyMan said:

I can see the headlines now "Nebraska BB Coach has heart attack after Huskers win first tourney game"


That's ridiculous.


You know the headline would read "Nebraska basketball coach takes Huskers to tourney with 90% chance to win first tourney game; Coach has heart attack right before the game, Huskers lose"

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5 minutes ago, KearneyMan said:

Ok this is wild. What all you think of Geno Auriemma as a possibility?


I think he wouldn't come here if offered, and I think we'd be dumb to offer him.  His entire staff's recruiting ties and talent evaluation process are tied to the women's game.  They'd be starting at square one.

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Also to note:


Fred grew up a big Nebraska football fan, calls TO one of his coaching hero’s.


Has family that lives in Nebraska.


Niece goes to Nebraska and is a manager for the basketball team.


Dad owns multiple degrees from the university.


Fred has an opportunity to do something that you can’t do at a place like UCLA, or Minnesota, or whatever other school with basketball history. He can become a legend, and become Nebraska’s version of Johnny Orr, Coach K, Bill Self, etc.


Also, he doesn’t have the pressure of having to make a sweet 16 every year. Pretty nice gig if you ask me.

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Just now, DOATHLON said:
5 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:


I'm almost certain that money has been allocated in the budget already.

For what............Nebraska just doubled its revenue and has quadrupled it in the last 4 years.........It's time to spend it on football and men's basketball


I'm with you. I'm saying that they're likely already tied toward certain short-term/long-term budget items for these sports.


That just seems to be how the government and government entities tend to work.

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