Pat Chambers is coming off a one game suspension where Penn State was blown out at home vs Wisconsin.  No idea how they respond here though previously they had played most games closely This is a team that wins with defense and rebounding. They've held some good offenses in the 60s with their defense and pace.   Mike Watkins is still a load but he hasn't been quite as good as he was last year.  He's playing only about 15-25 minutes and typically it's not because of foul trouble PF Lamar Stevens is their goto player but he's taking almost half his shots from mid-range and is a poor outside shooter. We can also stick Copeland on him.   Stephens and Watkins combined for 38 points vs Michigan and the team scored 55 (Michigan scored 68)  In other words, it's ok if those two beat us individually if everyone else is watching.   Josh Reaves has been the X factor for this team in terms of defense and efficient scoring.  He's having an off year offensively but he's going to give Palmer trouble.   Freshmen SG Myles Dread and PG Rasir Bolton are probably the keys offensively because they take the lion share of 3pt attempts.  Dread is mostly used as a spot of 3 and is hitting about 34%  Bolton is more dynamic and and a higher volume shooter, takes about half from 2, half from 3.   They have a player named Trent Buttrick and I don't know if his name is pronounced 'But-trick' or 'Butt-Rick'