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2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin -> Texas A&M

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Well, unless they bring them to dear ol' Nebraska U.

I have heard that Nebraska is the Turkey of the United States.....          

I think coaches bringing players from their former post is really tacky. 

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I just looked at Georgetown's roster to see how many scholarships they're working on, and it's kind of interesting. Patrick Ewing already has a Turkish kid on the roster, a 3-point specialist grad transfer from William and Mary and this freshman point guard:



I always think of bully ball with Georgetown, kind of ironic that it would be Ewing who moved them away from that. He's a smart guy, paid his dues as an assistant NBA coach, looks like he's seen where the game is going with rough play deemphasized.

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1 hour ago, Huskerpapa said:

Agree, and to me there is no doubt that they are looking at two additional players and possibly three.  I also believe there is sound reasons for looking at a couple Juco players.

Totally forgot about this guy feels like we are on fire right now. Good to see he's coming in and it will be after the season starts which means the hype around the program will be crazy. Seems to have good offers I'd be nice to fill up our spots before we get more opening up for the wrong reasons.

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2 hours ago, hhcmatt said:


FWIW we currently have 10 other pending offers.


Pending offers and actively involved prospects are not one and the same.


Openly admit I dont know much about how close we are on guys other than Arop and the Turk.    My point is that I hope we don't stay conservative like we've typically been.   Especially when we stand to lose as much as we do this year.   Fire your shots.   Don't go into things with less than a full load.   Especially because we are in a position for a change to actually build on something or create some positivity that is more than a flash in the pan 

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