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2021 Zaire Wade


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Okay, but real question. Taking into account Tim and our school's relationship with the Wade family, why aren't we all over this kid now?? He's obviously going to be a good player and is already, and having pride of going to the same school as your parents is a real thing. We get all over him now showing him love, doesn't that put us in a good spot here in 2 years?



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2 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

But he still appears to be a good player?


We should offer him if we think he's going to be good enough to play here but


1. he's from DW's first marriage which ended in a very bitter divorce. Having your kid go to your new wife's college doesn't seems like something that would happen.

2. High end former basketball players tend to have their high end kids go to schools in big cities.. What exactly would Dwayne Wade do in Lincoln during the winter vs Miami or LA? 


At the end of the day I think DW's kid ends up at a blue blood if he's that good or else probably a Big East team. Tom Crean also would have an advantage.

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Yes, but Wade is comfortable in Lincoln, and he owns Husker gear.  His ex-wife [I believe] has upper Midwest ties. And I have no clue what that means.  ?


But D-Wade does know we have fantastic facilities and fan support.   So heck, make an offerry and see what happens. 


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