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OT: Sports Betting and the Supreme Court

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Since we're on a message board focused on a particular sports team, I figured I might as well post it.


The Supreme Court overruled its stance on sports betting and it will allow states to decide what to do about that issue.


Whether you're into betting or not, I find this as an interesting result that may affect how sports are viewed. Similar to how fantasy sports leagues have changed the way people have consumed the sport.


The NBA was pushing hard the past couple of years on getting in on the sports betting world. And now that this ruling has been made today, the NFL has expressed interest.


Does this take the sport(s) back to the Boston College point shaving scandal? Does it increase interest in different fascets of the game (i.e. prop bets)? Does it change anything at all?


Just curious to hear people's thoughts on this.



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4 hours ago, HuskerFever said:


Yeah Pete couldn't get that press conference going fast enough to say no way not in this perfect state of Moral Superiority.😐

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