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New assistant - Armon Gates

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Washut Tweet:


New assistant coach @coachagates says #Nebrasketball’s ties with @BrewsterHoops will remain stronger than ever: “Coach Smitty, he’s going to continue to feed us. Brewster, we’re going strong over here in Huskerland right now, but we’re looking to add a couple more pieces too."

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21 hours ago, 49r said:

Watching this press conference is getting me fired up!  😁



[IMG]   I'm a little surprised there isn't more discussion here regarding the hire of Armon Gates following the announcement (particularly since there were six pages of drama leading up to the hire).  Good Hire?  Bad Hire?  Coaches skill set, responsibilities (following the departure of Kenya), Recruiting acumen, Longevity (i.e. only a 2-yr contract), etc?  You know, all the good stuff!


Isn't anyone else all that interested; or is it just the off-season and we're waiting for news about who is returning and likely signees?

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