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New assistant - Armon Gates

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4 hours ago, reddan said:

New guy has been picked. Big ten ties but currently in SEC. They are excited about the hire. One time assistant at Northwestern I think. 


With all due respect your shooting percentage is a bit low on these things.

Hope you're right though. I've been outside most of today so I have no idea.


The guy that matches this description is Armon Gates - https://247sports.com/college/florida/Article/Armon-Gates-discusses-his-decision-to-come-to-Florida--117239831

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30 minutes ago, ajb5856 said:

From Chicago, played at Brewster Academy, worked at Loyola Chicago, went on to help Northwestern get their tourney win, then on to Florida...this has to happen. I’ve really got my hopes up. Let it be true.

NeBrewster pipeline is back on!

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From a story a year ago, some people will like the bold  part:


Collins hired Gates after Bill Carmody holdover Tavaras Hardy left for a prime opportunity at Georgetown.

"I called AAU and high school coaches in the area," Collins recalled, "and said, 'I need a young, energetic, charismatic, hungry guy who can help in recruiting and get out on the floor (in practice).' All of them said: This is your guy."

Gates played at Kent State and, like Baldwin, had coached at Loyola, so he knew the terrain.

"In Pat and Armon's case, I didn't really know them," Collins said. "A lot of guys just hire friends, and that's not always the best way to go about it."

While Baldwin and Gates focus mainly on the defense, James draws up out-of-bounds and specialty plays, such as the Nate Taphorn-to-Dererk Pardon game-winner against Michigan.


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9 minutes ago, hhcdimes said:

Not sure what Robin had to say but I check into this and I think it's a matter of whether a candidate from the SEC who once coached at Northwestern decides he wants to come here.

He said nothing is confirmed but all signs point to this is happening.

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