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Faux Mike Peltz

Ty Lue - Rested?

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Saw him on sportcenter tonight. He looks absolutely terrible. I’ve never seen a guy with bags under his eyes like Ty. Sad to see the toll the stress from his job has taken on his health.  Maybe the Cavs will lose to the Pacers and he can come be Kenya’s replacement. I know, that’s not likely.

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On 4/12/2018 at 9:17 AM, HuskerFever said:


What are you talking about? -_-




For what it's worth, LeBron's blow-up at Mario Chalmers occurred after he had failed to switch-off on to Paul George and allowed him to bury a three, then committed a turnover that led to another Pacers 3.


Before they broke the huddle, LeBron apologized to Chalmers for the outburst...

Funny thing is, guess what happened the very next play?  Chalmers tries to force a terrible pass to LeBron on a backdoor cut through FOUR defenders and turns the ball over again.


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5 hours ago, hhcdimes said:

I sort of wonder how much time would be spent analyzing Michael Jordan if he was around today 


Agreed, and I'm a huge MJ guy, my favorite all-time player. For a guy who makes it to the Finals every year, he sure gets criticized a lot. 

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