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Geno Auriemma

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Geno is Geno.  Said it before...he speaks that way...because he can. He can be gracious , or not so gracious. To his players and anyone else. He's demanding of his players. "My way or the highway".


He has the luxury of getting the best players in the country year after year. It's seemingly....a never ending cycle. Until it changes.... he will be the "person" he is, because he can.  At this rate it won't be until he retires. Some people hate him, but it's just jealously ?


On one hand he's earned it over time, so he can be the way he wants to be. On the other it's a good personal quality to be a good winner. And at times he is. 


The last couple of years have been a bit more normal for his teams, than the previous few years of absolute dominance.  They may win it all this year, but there's a couple other teams that have a chance to take the crown. 

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Women’s BB is like College FB, only a few teams have a chance to win each year.  Is anyone surprised that Louisville and Miss St are in the Final Four and that UConn and ND will likely join them.  As long as UConn can gather players from all over the United States they will dominate.  What if Breanna Stewart stayed at Syracuse or Katie Lou Samuelson played at Stanford or Gabby Williams played on the West Coast and Naphesia Collier went to Mizzou?  Oregon is developing into a domnate program but there is clearly a divide between the elite and the also rans.  

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