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As inexact a science as it has been shown to be, Bracketology, and messing with predicting both the field and winners of the NCAA tournament has been a mass favorite for decades now.

I grew up printing out brackets on selection Sunday, hurriedly filling out several of them, and competing with my Dad and little brother every year. I even played basketball outside and made my own brackets on microsoft excel, strange as it sounds. I have always been a basketball nut.


However, with how crazy College hoops are and always will be, picking them has eternally been a unmitigated disaster. It's usually for fun, so I don't normally mind. But this year I decided I need to study up a bit and at least create somewhat of a blurb for each possible tourney team so I can compare teams and match ups, and have a better shot of knowing wtf I'm doing when picking. Of course, that doesn't matter, it will not end up as I think it will anyway, but how's that stopping me from going crazy and researching the whole field (plus any bubble teams)? :lol:


Anyway, I thought I'd share what I've got so far; I've still got over a week left til I finish, but I am happy with how it was looking and I hope when it's done it can help some of you basketball nuts too. ;) I'm an extreme visual person, so displaying info in an attractive manner helps me. I'm sure there are much better ways than excel, but for a poor man who grew up on excel, it's what I've got. :lol: enjoy!



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      ... has released his bracket prediction for a tournament that is still 10-months away.
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