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Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

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4 minutes ago, Red Don said:

We need to start a relief fund for these Refs.   :angry:


(They need a course in 'Remedial Officiating' in the Off-season;  that is if they are still employed)

I'm thinking more along the lines of "Tonya Harding".

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Huskers - 53
Refs - 66


Actually I don't have a problem with losing this game.  We've met Maryland Three times; and come up on the short end three times.  The Huskers had shots, they just weren't falling  - 31 vs. 44% FG shooting is not going to win many games.  


Officiating was probably the worst we've seen all season.  It probably didn't make a difference in the outcome,  but with Clean Officiating, that is, called the same at Both Ends of the court would have made the game a lot more competitive.


Maryland just plays a more tightly aggressive style reminiscent of 'street ball',  that if not called is very disruptive.  That is not to take away anything from Maryland, they are very good.  I'm sure that Coach Amy Williams is not about to forget these games; with the incoming recruiting class we are well-positioned to be Very Competitive in the Big Ten! 


In the meantime; the Husker Ladies have had a GREAT Season; winning Three times their total number of wins for all of last season.  THIS All before any post-season Play





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