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Dirk Chatelain

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Not sure if my link is gonna work but Dirk was on with Severe today on the bottom line talking about his next big project.  He is gonna have an 8 part series starting Sunday in world herald about the glory years for Nebraska basketball. 1991-1994.  Should be good stuff.  He said he has been working on it since 2016.  Not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not.

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God I remember these buttons.
Also the Nee Caps and the Danny Nee signature ties!
I have a Née cap, I went to a game one time and after the game me and my Brother inlaw went to barrys. And in comes Nee, so I walked over and had him sign his Née cap.

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4 minutes ago, Handy Johnson said:

I was one of those students who got a donut from Coach Nee that morning in the ticket line. Had a smoke and a beer with him at the old Cliff's years later. He was a loudmouth, East coast, a**hole, but I love the guy...

Ha - I was also in the ticket line and was handed a box of donuts - Good times.


I also remember a few days after he was hired, he made the team run through campus for a workout, so just so all the students would notice and could see them - new sheriff in town, etc.

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I had the opportunity to be "coach for the day" for a Saturday match-up with Missouri.  I remember being in the locker room before the game and the pre-game banter and speech.  As we walking out of the locker room Coach Nee grabbed my shoulder and simply said, that I have only one thing to remember, he was the only person on the Cornhusker bench that earns a technical!  He said it in a manner that sort of scared the crap out of me.  I wanted to yell a lot more than I did during the game...my takeaways were that this was a great experience, one that I doubt I will ever forget, but I could sure be more involved in the game from my normal seats...and I have been more involved going forward.


I also remember Danny's practices as well as Doc's practices.  Both were extremely tough on the players.  Watching Ryan Anderson crying as a freshman still leaves a lump in my throat.  But watching D. Owens holding weights straight outward as punishment for minutes at a time reminded me of the military.  


I always chuckle when I hear current fans complain about how hard they have heard Coach Miles is on the players.  Watching practices from the Nee and Doc era, and studying the likes of Bobby Knight, Al McGuire, Hank Iba and many others I am not sure the term "hard practice" is defined the same today as it was in the past.  Hell, when I played coaches hesitated providing water...they would give you salt pills instead...Oh well, enough of looking back.

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Being a fan of the huskers for a long time now.


Danny Née’s teams frustrated the heck out of me....when you pulled up the box score and saw Erick Strickland played 21 minutes....or his inevitable substitutions that were head scratchers.


i liked Née, but if his X’s and O’s were better, it could have been great.

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1 hour ago, HB said:

Part II actually quotes the HHC interview of Jose Ramos from '06.   Nice credit to HHC (and I presume HHC Dave did the interview).  


Yup, that was @hhcdave

I really need to get those article back on the site.



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