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Coaches name James Palmer Jr to All B1G squad

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As a person who religiously follows football recruiting and rankings...basketball recruiting fascinate me. They tend to be pretty accurate. Check it out...Rivals ratings added:

2017-18 All-Big Ten Men’s Basketball Team
As selected by Big Ten coaches

MILES BRIDGES, MICHIGAN STATE - 5-stars, #10 in R150 (2016)
James Palmer Jr., Nebraska - 4-stars, #99 in R150 (2014)
KEITA BATES-DIOP, OHIO STATE - 4-stars, #26 in R150 (2014)
Tony Carr, Penn State - 4-stars, #46 in R150 (2016)
Carsen Edwards, Purdue - 4-stars, #91 in R150 (2016)

Juwan Morgan, Indiana - 3-stars, #109 in R150 (2015)
Moritz Wagner, Michigan - 4-stars (2015)
Jae'Sean Tate, Ohio State - 4-stars, #79 in R150 (2014)
Vincent Edwards, Purdue - 3-stars, #124 in R150 (2014)
Ethan Happ, Wisconsin - 3-stars, #123 in R150 (2014)

Anthony Cowan Jr., Maryland - 4-stars, #45 in R150 (2016)
Jaren Jackson Jr., Michigan State - 5-stars, #6 in R150 (2017)
Cassius Winston, Michigan State - 4-stars, #29 in R150 (2016)
Jordan Murphy, Minnesota - 3-stars, #113 in R150 (2015)
Isaac Haas, Purdue - 4-stars, #71 in R150 (2014)

Leron Black, Illinois - 4-stars, #38 in R150 (2014)
Robert Johnson, Indiana - 4-stars, #48 in R150 (2014)
Tyler Cook, Iowa - 4-stars, #74 in R150 (2016)
Kevin Huerter, Maryland - 4-stars, #59 in R150 (2016)
Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, Michigan - 3-stars (2014)
Nick Ward, Michigan State - 4-stars, #41 in R150 (2016)
Nate Mason, Minnesota - 3-stars (2014)
Isaac Copeland Jr., Nebraska - 5-stars, #23 in R150 (2014)
Lamar Stevens, Penn State - 4-stars, #96 in R150 (2016)
Mike Watkins, Penn State - 3-stars, #126 in R150 (2015)
Dakota Mathias, Purdue - 3-stars, #147 in R150 (2014)

So...of the 26 players that made the All-Big Ten teams, 23 were listed as Rivals150 players coming out of high school, and another one was a 4-star international player. The 1st team contains four 4-star players, and one 5-star.


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53 minutes ago, OurDecay said:

By the way, the only two players on this list that are transfers are Palmer and Copeland.  All the rest are playing for the team that recruited them out of high school.


If Miles has been successful at one thing over anything else, it's assimilating transfers into the framework of the NU team concept, and, in the process, allowing the ballers to ball out.


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