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This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

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Those alt Black unis were pretty sweet today.  Add that to the alt home jerseys with the script Huskers logo, and Adidas has done a nice job giving Nebraska some classy one-of-a-kind looks.  Can we ma

I think we would be unmercifully clowned if we rolled out Cowboy Hat Herbie Putting a jumpman logo on our stuff doesn't make it any better IMO. Being a top tier Adidas school is probably better t

I am still gunning for the #AllBlack4Tai senior night and would like to see the fans all in black with the team wearing the black uniforms.  Why not?  Could be pretty sick with Michigan in their Maize

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So, one thing I noticed is not only did they remove the sleeve off Herbie's left arm in the hoops logo, but they drew a completely new left arm.


New basketball spinning Herbie:



Old basketball spinning Herbie:




I guess considering some of its more recent applications, removing the "OK" hand gesture is probably a good idea.


Overall, B+ execution by the Adidas guys.

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