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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 26 - @ Minnesota

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Thoughts during the game. A bit of a stream of consciousness effort today.



  • Michigan lost. Grrrrr….
  • No Amir Coffey. Hopefully that’s a break NU can take advantage of.


1st Half:

  • That was the exact start I was afraid of. Not sure what Watson was doing on that first possession. He got a wide open look and just biffed it. Minnesota came out on fire, which I was a little worried about.
  • I liked the time out and response, though. A nice 11-2 run to respond was really encouraging.
  • Copeland was running the floor really hard. Loved seeing that.
  • Washington is gonna be a good player.
  • It’s fun when we hit from 3.
  • Jordy just can’t handle the ball. At all.
  • Through the under 8 timeout, NU looks like the fresher team. And they’re playing with the urgency that a team on the bubble should play with.
  • Huskers went on a 37-15 run after falling behind 7-0 to start the game.
  • Roby got another #mansizedrebound according to Mr. Bardo.
  • Palmer takes it to the hole like Lance Jeter used to do.
  • I love watching Thomas Allen shoot the basketball.
  • That 3 by Watson with about 30 seconds left was the worst shot we took in the half.
  • Of course Washington hit that 3 at the end of the half…
  • All-in-all, I’ll take that half, but that wasn’t a great end to it.
  • If NU keeps playing hard in the 2nd, they’ll be fine.


2nd Half:

  • The break seems to have done Gill some good.
  • Minnesota came out of the gates attacking. We’ll see if they can maintain it. I’m skeptical.
  • The Watson to Roby lob was a work of art!
  • JPJ was short on a few free throws tonight. Didn’t really expect that.
  • The bulk of that run by Minnesota to get back in the game was with Watson, JPJ and Cope on the bench.
  • Foul trouble for JPJ is problematic.
  • I like how Roby attacks after grabbing the rebound.
  • The Pitino technical foul killed all their momentum. NU went on a lightning quick 6 point spurt after that.
  • Evidently Pavelka called Pitino a “jack wagon” on the broadcast. lol
  • We had some timely offensive rebounds.
  • Taylor hit a couple of clutch shots, too.
  • I don’t know how Washington hit that shot around Roby. Circus. If he can find an outside shot, he’ll be impossible to guard. He almost is already.
  • I know they shot the ball fairly well, but 21 attempts from 3 is too many.
  • WOW! What a fortunate shot from Taylor on that broken possession. Huge play!
  • Roby with all the dunks!
  • They’re breaking the press a lot better now than they did in November.
  • NU had an answer for every Gopher challenge. Really impressive, actually.
  • To get 93 with the foul trouble JPJ was fighting is pretty impressive.

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Improved shot selection, some tougher board work and fewer mental lapses will be necessary in upcoming games.  DO NOT take Rutgers, or any remaining team, for granted.  Put some complete games together and blow some teams out to catch the attention of the selection committee.

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Minnesota had two guys who could really score the ball and very hard for us to stop.  But that's it.


We had very balanced scoring and were really good in transition (for the most part.) Point being we were pushing the ball in transition and being aggressive.


Got a little worried when they tied it up late, but then we go on a 6 or 8 point run to basically put the game away.  Held them at arms length from there even with Mason hitting a couple of very late treys.


Very satisfying win.  I remember all those years we couldn't buy a road win in conference.  Now, we're looking at 4 conference road wins with the possibility of a 5th at Illinois.


I'm ready to believe.  Anyone else?

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Just now, noahjb24 said:

This game plus a convincing Rutgers win get us close to/in the Top 25 next week in some rankings???


If Michigan was 20th this week, we should be in now.


We are officially better than Michigan, and we already kicked their ass to prove it.  


They should start cheering US on.  

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With the win, we are now 6-7 in road/neutral court games.  If we beat Illinois, while taking care of the home court, and we finish .500 or better away from home, in a Power 5 conference, I don't see any way we get left out, regardless of what happens at MSG.

Edited by Nebrasketball1979

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Oh...and also...with this win we have OFFICIALLY ended Wisconsin's run of finishing in the top 4 of the B1G, no combination of wins and losses will push them past us in the standings (well, I mean I guess *technically* they could still tie us for 4th but we got the tiebreak on 'em).  Feels good, man! :D 

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