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4 hours ago, All About the Corn said:

Yes Sam was able to deliver in clutch moments over the years. I think we have more then enough talent to make up for her loss. 

uh........this surprised me:

Trinity Brady and Nailah Dillard, add depth if they’re cleared to play.

jmo, i am not sure fans can expect much from either one. hope i am wrong, but, the history is not good.


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Will miss Sam for sure.

Maddie coming in, with her experience is great timing, with the loss of Sam. Not sure if Maddie is the scorer that Sam has been, but Maddie will help stabilize the point.


Also Kendall M (which I think could well have a breakout year at guard)....and newbie Callin H. So even if Bradey or Dillard still not available...our depth is there. 




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watch Maddie play a few times.  Her foot work on defense and boxing out is a bit better than any of the guards that I've seen on our current roster, but no she will not drive the lane like Sam did.  The good news is that yes we are deep at the guard spot and I expect both Allison and Kendall to take big steps forward, they both have the athleticism to do so.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what Nailah and Callin bring to the table.  

As for replacing the drive and finish at the rim, Allison may be our best option.

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