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Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread


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I feel really good about this game.  We are playing solid basketball right now and the inconsistencies that plagued this team for most of the first 2+ months are not as frequent now.  Watching this team earlier in the year, you could see the potential in intermittent short spurts and occasionally for a whole half.  Now those short spurts are longer and more frequent now and we've seen pretty good play last over entire games (Mich, Iowa).  It's for this reason I feel confident that we win over teams with much less talent, like a Wisconsin.  We are simply better and now much more likely than not to play to our potential.  



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2 hours ago, cipsucks said:

Badgers have had 16 straight conference top 4 finishes and 19 straight NCAA Tourney appearances.  They're singing a different tune this year.  Heck, they're even singing some verses in the universal surrender language, French.  Wrong team favored.  Huskers roll!




I've seen multiple stats on this, from 9-1 to 11 wins ATS. They don't believe!! Let's do this boys. Honestly this is so refreshing to catch a bad badgers team. Hope they don't steal a win on bs. But I think the line this time is entirely due to their incredible home court advantage. It's definitely a winnable game by like 5 or 10 if we can just hang around and them put in a run to silence the crowd. Let's send em home with sadness like we usually deal with as nebrasketball fans! Haha GBR

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