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Selection Committee Games of Interest

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48 minutes ago, hhcdave said:

If only Coach Miles would have played Palmer in OT at PSU. If only Gill’s shot goes down against KU. If only we hadn’t laid an egg at Illinois. 


Unfortunately that’s one too many “if only’s.”


But I hope the Vault is rockin’ en route to a deep NIT run



If only Jordy had played at Penn State. If only I had chosen to go to Champaign to support the team instead of vacationing in Mexico. If only my lucky sweater hadn't developed a hole in the arm. So close.

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10 minutes ago, AuroranHusker said:

In his most recent update, Erik Haslam has these #11 seeds in the First Four: Nebraska vs Texas while the Bonnies play St. Mary's in Dayton, OH.






Granted, Haslam could still change his picks.... I am certain he hasn't done so after the Davidson upset over URI.



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3 minutes ago, HuskerPower #nato73 said:

I was reading his other rumors.  Decently accurate other than Miles to New Mexico, so tell us more we have 50 minutes to speculate and I want to believe!

Yeah all his posts are basically predictions of big news. Some have been right. Would like to know his confidence level and how someone would know this. There are 10 people sequestered in a room who know this. Highly doubtful reddan knows someone who knows something. 

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