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2018 Red-White spring game

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1 hour ago, khoock said:

I was glad to see that Bunch looked serviceable. Gotta have 3 QBs in a seasoj just in case.

We will also have the services of the freshman walk-on QB from Kearney.  I believe his name is Matt Masker.

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The buzz about the football program seems to be pretty good right now.  There's been a lot of news coming out since Riley was let go and Frost was hired that suggested Riley wasn't running a very tight ship.  I mean, you saw it in the results, but there's been more overt confirmation that what you thought looked like a team that wasn't very disciplined was, in fact, a team that wasn't very disciplined, and it started at the top.


So, we're getting back to some basics and getting in shape, and that news has seemed to filter out as the predominant message.


And then I think the Spring Game did nothing to diminish the enthusiasm.


I wonder, though, with the schedule we have, how people's expectations are going to mesh with results.  We have a damn tough schedule this fall and will have a rookie QB no matter who gets named the starter.  So ... I think people can be optimistic within some reason.  A good season could be 7 wins.

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A fair expectation would be 6 to 7 wins.  I will be very pleasantly shocked if we would get to 8 or possibly even 9 wins. 


What sits on my mind is that I thought we had good talent in certain spots last year, and we underachieved.  Looking at our talent this year I see the following

QB - Young but talented.  Good enough talent though to compete for a West title

RB - Lot's of depth, but do we have a differentiator.  Perhaps Bell, perhaps one of the incoming freshmen, perhaps Tre...but a lot of if's right now.

Receivers - Likely one of our team strengths.  Key will be getting the talent the ball.  If we can do that, this offense may purrrrrr.

OL - Talent may be there, but this group has a lot of selling to do before I am buying.  Key to the offense, and it still is an unknown.

DL - Lot's of talent, but like the offensive line, they have a lot of proving to do. 

LB - Talent and depth.  Sort of like our receiving corp.  If the line and backfield do their jobs, the LB corp could wreck havoc.

DB - I am pretty happy with the safeties, but do we have CB's that can do their jobs...time will tell.

Kickers - I am good with long snappers and punters.  But I am terrified about our kickers and holders.  Tight games may result in nightmares if a kicker doesn't emerge. 

Coaching - I am pretty darn happy :)


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Not worthy of creating an entirely new thread, but for those of you who missed the NFL Draft rounds 1-3, Nebraska had a little representation.


Probably no Nebraska players will be picked until the 6th or 7th round, but we had two representatives who announced draft picks on Friday during the 2nd/3rd rounds:


Kris Brown and Quincy Enunwa


They got the honors to announce draft picks as they were Walter Payton NFL Men of the Year award winners.

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