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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 19 - @ Penn St.

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8 hours ago, jimmykc said:

Revisiting this thread on the morning after a game like this one is like going back to the party room after New Years Eve. You might find a savory hors d'oeuvre someone overlooked or you might step on the puke under the table. My take: We would have won this game 1. with Jordy available, 2. with Palmer playing at the end 3. by hitting free throws at our normal rate. OK, time to move on and show Illinois we are for real. 


So Jimmy are you say like maybe I shouldn't have eaten that platter of raw shrimp left out after last nights game today?:mellow:

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10 hours ago, brfrad said:

The final play in regulation was suppose to have Watson driving to the rim.  Roby getting fouled by Watkins killed the timing of the play because by the time Roby got to Watson, Watson felt he didn't have enough time.  Thus, the contested 3.  And, it most certainly was a foul on Watkins.  He bear hugged Roby.


I agree that Palmer should have played in OT.  Another gripe I have with Miles was he didn't switch to zone earlier.  After the 1st media TO of the 2nd half, he should have made the switch.


As for Roby only playing 23 minutes in regulation, he did not have a very good 1st half.  He only played 8 minutes in the 1st half, and 15 in the 2nd.  If he plays like he did in the 2nd half, it will be impossible to keep him off the floor.


Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!  Absolute crap to let the guy get away with holding and then shoving Roby all over the place.  I don't care about the tendency to swallow the whistle in the last seconds, you have to make that call.

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