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So it looks like we need 20 wins to be in the conversation, probably 21-22 is more realistic to actually be in. But if we can get to at least 20 going into the B1G Tourney, I think we at least have a shot.


It always helps me to break upcoming games into tiers to make it easier to judge whether we're on track, so thought I'd try it here. 


Road to 20 regular season wins

5 Must Wins

  • Wisconsin - WIN
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Rutgers
  • Indiana


Split These 6

  • at Rutgers
  • at Wisconsin
  • at Minnesota
  • at Illinois
  • Penn St
  • Maryland


Just Get 1

  • at Penn St
  • at Ohio St
  • Michigan


That'd be 20-11, which I think is the minimum position we have to be in heading to MSG. Looking at it in tiers, 20 wins looks doable and even better is very possible. 


Normally when I've done this in the past, we have to win 2-3 games where we're double digit underdogs to be in the conversation. Don't see that this time - not even close. Barring something unforeseen, I'm not sure we'll be a double digit dog the rest of the year - maybe at OSU.


Huge game Tuesday - need to get this stretch started on the right foot against the wounded Badgers. Really can't slip up in any of those 5 must wins or it'll be a huge black mark on our resume. We'd probably need 2 wins elsewhere to make up for 1 bad loss in the must win category, so those games can't be overlooked.


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The bad news about Lynch being suspended at Minnesota is that, without him, it won't be the quality win it otherwise would have been.


The good news is that, without Lynch, Minnesota is more beatable on the road the next time we face them.


If we're good enough to make the dance, then we're good enough to beat Rutgers in Piscataway.  Holding serve at home plus one more away win besides Rutgers should put us on the right side of the bubble.


The margins are narrow but it's doable.

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The nice thing is that I go through that list and there isn't one game were I am like... "Well that is an L."  Sure there are a few games that will be tough, but certainly not out of the range of possibility.


One thing we will have to recognize is that no one is going to take us for granted this year anymore.  Everyone will play hard against us night in and night out.  We need to be ready for that.  We probably won't catch anyone sleeping on the Huskers this year.  That's a good thing.

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Just now, huskercwg said:

Not trying to put any cart in front of our horses, but the topic that we should be discussing is the road to 25.  I would like us to aspire to 25 wins...at least (of course this includes post-season).


This isn't a crazy number to throw out either.  Especially when you are including post season.  

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Playing 4 of last 5 at home should provide opportunity for a strong finish. And that away game is at Illinois. At Minnesota is game before that stretch so hopefully Gophers haven't figured out how to play without Lynch by then. And it isn't out of realm of possibility that NU could 8-1 to finish the season.


Can't believe I just typed that last sentence.







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1 minute ago, HuskerFever said:


It gives us a better chance to get that #1 spot... :lol:


Ha. Realistically, we want MSU to win out so NU has a chance at a higher seed. 

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I just noticed that there are only 48 days left in the regular season.  We will play 14 games over the next 48 days.  That is one game every 3.5 days.  Any Big 10 team who makes it to the post season will need that week off between the tournament and the Dance/NIT.

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