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Nebraska (5-3) vs. Kansas (7-0) game thread

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I can't get ESPN 3.  Damn.   Changed from Cox to Centurylink  when I moved and ESPN3 isn't in the package.  So radio.....


No Kissinger......we need scorers.


Ahead after 1st qtr

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5 minutes ago, Bugeaters1 said:

When Cain came back in at half the Huskers went to work. with her on the bench in the 1st half Kansas made thier run, but couldn't bury the Huskers. We finally played a mentally tough 2nd half & hit our FT.


I Think it's a sign of mentally growing up a bit basketball wise, and learning what it takes to get it done.


Cincore was tough,  a very tough competitor.   Cain presence is a factor in our success.  Just good ball by the whole team. Learned from the first half, and adjusted big time in tthe second. 


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