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Give her a couple of years with this strength and conditioning department, and we might not recognize her.  The current team looks like they have bought

into whatever the S & C department is selling.  We might not get the number of wins we'd like this year, but there sure seems to be enough positive signs, for

one to be encouraged.   


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Looking forward is the right answer,  12dozen, the future is bright. I think we have the right coaching staff to make this fun. I've bought in as a fan, 100%. Not that I would ever abandon my Huskers, win or lose, I'm just trying to find the right way to say how excited I am about this team.

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Yes, it's probably too early for any real analysis of Cain, other than she does have very, very good basis skills at the post. ....She's a true post.....something we haven't had for a long time. She's adapted real quickly. B1G play will answer a lot of questions, or concerns. She will learn. With her is really just a matter of maturing and adjust to the speed and toughness required in the B1G., and when it occurs.......it will happen.  I think she'll make some big waves in the B1G season. 


Has the family background from parents that played college athletics...so has a good BBall IQ already.  AND she obviously has what can't be coached ...6-5 height ....and is not a wall flower, or is  6-5 and 120 lbs. skinny.  While she's started great, probably next year she'll really blossom. As said.......her strength and quickness will improve. She's still a H.S. kid...just graduated.


Unreal find by the coaching staff.  She has a real high ceiling.  Sure glad she's wearing Nebraska on her jeresy :D.




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