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North Texas (1-0) Vs. Nebraska (1-0) Game Thread

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Can’t make it tonight. Probably the only one I’ll miss this year. The past 3 years, the only games I’ve missed were incarnate word, Samford and whomever we lost to last year. So, sorry if I screw it up for us all again tonight.

Also, since I won’t be able to watch the game, might need a little help with the chatter. I can create the thread, I guess, just won’t have any thoughts in it.

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1 minute ago, Cornhoopers said:

Really glad the BTN plus play-by-play kid from the past few years moved on - really overzealous announcer voice. Thought he was Gus Johnson or something (there is only room in this world for one Gus Johnson). 


This kid is much better.

Agreed. I teach sports reporting at the University of Iowa (moved from Boulder this year), and students try to do too much, speak too quickly and generally just muck things up. This kid has some chops.

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