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2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

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That's pretty funny tweeting by Tim Miles.

Predictive metrics are almost always wrong.

Here are some old and time-honored adages on predicting:

--“Prediction is difficult, especially if it’s about the future” (from Nils Bohr, Nobel laureate in physics).

--“Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge” (from Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese poet).

--“I always avoid prophesying beforehand because it is much better to prophesy after the event has already taken place” (from Winston Churchill).

--“Forecasting is the art of saying what will happen, and then explaining why it didn’t” (Anonymous).

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1 hour ago, 49r said:



Yeah.  What Tim said.


So Pomeroy's computer thought we were the 97th best team in November and predicted we'd win only 13 games overall and were likely to win only 3 in conference.


Fast forward to the end of February and we won 22 games including 13 in conference.  And, that moved the needle from 97th best to 54th best.


I don't mind him picking us to be 97th to begin the season; no one outside the program and diehards among the fans had any reason to believe we'd be any better than that.  That part I get.


The part I don't get is when we actually go out and kill it, his computer keeps telling him "but you're still Nebraska."

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Here's something I'd like to know: If you went back and replayed the season but started with the rankings we finished with, would the numbers come back the same?


In other words, at the beginning of the season, he predicted we'd lose to #42 Creighton.  And, by playing a highly-rated team, it moved us up a bit because I guess we did slightly better than he predicted we would.  But, it turns out Creighton was really the #29 team.  If they had been #29 when we played them and we were #54, then what does the computer think of us?


Second question:  Does his computer think you're the same team in February that you were in November?  In other words, does it think you now are really what you've been all season long?  Because the teams that are beating Minnesota now, for instance, aren't playing the same team that they would have played in the first part of December when we first beat them.  Does his computer adjust for the fact that a team might be playing better at one point in the season when you lost to them (or beat them) than they were playing later in the season when their ranking went down (or up as the case may be)?


Third question:  Are wins and losses all graded by margin of victory/defeat?  If we had beaten Delaware St. by 27 instead of 17, would that win drag us down?  Should a 17-point win ever really drag your rating down?

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The post season is over, and here is this season's final KenPom update:




KenPom rankings as of 4-03-18


B1G (13-5):
5. Purdue (17) - L
6. Michigan State (10) - L
7. Michigan (32) - W, (L)
16. Ohio State (78) - L
19. Penn State (40) - L, W
39. Maryland (41) - W
55. Nebraska (98)
70. Wisconsin (31) - W, W
71. Indiana (65) - W

85. Northwestern (18) - W

88. Iowa (54) - W
102. Illinois (104) - W, L
117. Minnesota (36) - W, W
130. Rutgers (125) - W, W


Non-Conference (9-4):
257. Eastern Illinois - W
146. North Texas - W


---Gavitt Tip-Off---
74. @St. John's - L

239. North Dakota - W


---Advocare Invitational---
111. UCF - L
321. Marist - W
191. Long Beach State - W


---B1G/ACC Challenge--- 
77. Boston College - W


30. @Creighton - L


---Shelter Insurance Showcase---
9. Kansas - L


174. UTSA - W
350. Delaware State - W
314. Stetson - W


---NIT Tournament--
54. @Mississippi State - (L)


**Parenthesis after the Big Ten team names indicates the season starting KenPom ranking.

**Blue indicates NIT team from last year, Red is NCAA Tourney

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Bart Torvik has compiled his early projections for next year, you can see them all here:  http://barttorvik.com/trankpre19.php


Teams of note include:


Michigan State - #4

Michigan - #7

Mississippi State - #11

Wisconsin - #21

Maryland - #24

Iowa #27

Nebraska - #30

Purdue - #33

Indiana - #38

Penn State - #42

Ohio State - #45

USC - #46

Creighton - #52

Northwestern - #54

Illinois - #57

Texas Tech - #64

Minnesota - #78

Missouri State - #146

Rutgers - #147

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      KenPom's preseason rankings are released. We are #34. I'll let 49r do his usual, thorough analysis if he wants to.
      There are 11 Big Ten teams in the top 40.
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      Looked today and on Kenpom.com, and I see Nebraska comes in as easily the lowest rated B1G team, clocking in at a whopping 216.

      Next lowest rated?


      At 90.

      Here are the rest...

      67 - Penn State
      54 - Illinois
      53 - Iowa
      37 - Purdue
      26 - Minnesota
      12 - Michigan
      5 - Wisconsin
      4 - Michigan State
      3 - Indiana
      2 - Ohio State

      Remember the days when we used to chastise Doc for scheduling games against teams in the +200 RPI range?


      Happy Halloween everybody!
    • By HuskerActuary
      I thought I would start a new thread for this year's KenPom rankings.
      I tweeted at Ken Pomeroy and he told me that his preseason rankings will be released the day after the AP preseason poll is released. That should be fairly soon, shouldn't it?
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