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Huskers in the Pros Thread


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2 hours ago, Dead Dog Alley said:


206 is his height in centimeters.


One main reason this country won't go the metric system: No one knows their height in cm, their weight in kg, or their average body temp in °C.

I never even thought about cm as a unit of measurement. I tried so hard to think of what they were trying to convey with (206) before I posted. I use the metric system pretty regularly for work. Peoples weight, height, temp. And I was still completely oblivious and was like the have to mean weight 😂



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On 2/8/2023 at 5:21 PM, millerhusker said:

Tyronn Lue is my favorite basketball player of all time. He's had an incredible career. Won an NIT championship and went to an NCAA tourney in college. Won two NBA championships as a player with the Lakers. Won a championship with the Cavs as head coach. Played with Kobe, Shaq, Michael Jordan, T-Mac, Grant Hill, Yao, Dirk, Jason Kidd. Played for Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Jeff Van Gundy. Coached Lebron, Kyrie, Love, Kawhi, Paul George. Now he'll be a Team USA coach. Amazing experiences he has had. Just a kid from Mexico, Missouri. So happy for him. 

Tyronn was a guest on the "All the Smoke" podcast during NBA Summer League. Great interview - worth watching the whole thing. Includes comments on his recruitment to Nebraska and his time as a Husker. 


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