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Huskers in the Pros Thread

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1 hour ago, hhcmatt said:

DONU put together a comprehensive list.


I do not recall the Kris Douse era at Nebraska



Good find - I learned a lot from that list, including that they play pro basketball in quite a few places I never would have guessed.


Good for those guys & hope we have a lot more names to add to the list over the next few years.


PS - I do remember Kris Douse (at least the name), but I don't think I could pick him out of a police lineup. Unless the other guys were all 5-11.


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Justin Patton and "cash consideration." Sounds like the Creighton recruiting pitch.

Somewhere, a Big Ten official was watching that from his couch and T-eeing up JPJ for looking at the opponent.  

I’m waiting for Ryan Anderson to write a song about it

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If "ifs and buts..." -no point in bringing this up, but I do wonder if Roby had returned to NU 1. how many more games we would have won at this point. 2. If he might have gotten an even better pro contract than he did last year 3. How many more assists Mack would have.4. If Bardo would still be wondering when he would realize how good he was. Just some random thoughts to ponder before today's game. Now pass the candy and nuts.

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