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So we are losing a wing and a 3 point specialist.  Man this sucks!

I'm going to go into next season (as I do every season) with hopes we prove people wrong.  Will always support our coach (unless they do something criminally wrong).  Losing Morrow SUCKS!  But as a fa

Should've made the change 

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7 minutes ago, HuskerActuary said:

Unbelievable, this is the last straw for me. So much for the load of talent on next year's team. Might as well start rooting for losses to make sure Miles gets canned

Would never root for the Huskers to lose. But that will take care of itself under Miles...pretty obvious where this is heading. Just goes to show, you don't keep a coach to ensure the roster remains intact. 

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Well Damn.... This is a huge loss and a huge blow.  Pretty sad that so many players can't stay committed somewhere for their college careers.  This transfer thing is only going to get worse and worse nationally too.  Best of luck Ed!  Wish you could have kept your eyes on the ultimate TEAM goal.  I realize though that these college kids have to "do what's best for them."  


This'll bring all of the Husker Haters and the Miles Haters out of the closet.  Be interesting to see where this goes.

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