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Nick Fuller is Graduate Transferring

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1 hour ago, Handy Johnson said:

Thought he would be a stone cold gunner when he showed up on campus, but... he got his degree from the Harvard of the Plains, never bitched or moaned, & will always be a Husker. Good luck to you young man.


That's the thing.  Team first guy.  It's not that he didn't improve over his time here.  He did improve.  He was just caught in such a numbers crunch at his position that he was never going to find reliable minutes here. 


I would have been fine to see him stay and I'm happy for him if leaving is what he wants to do.  Miles said it was Nick's choice all the way and he would have backed him whichever path he chose.  I'm glad to hear that and I hope it's not just coachspeak, because a kid like Nick, who's just a down-home good kid who'll put the team's interests above his own, is a rarity these days.


Hat's off to Nick and he IS always going to be a Husker in my eyes.

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