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    • By HuskerFever
      It's that time of year again, but this time it hurts just a little bit more. Who's ready to have a better bracket than Pomery, Lunardi, and all of the other self-proclaimed proctologists (not a typo)?
      RPI. KPI. SOR. BPI. POM. SAG. SOR. Quadrant 1. Throw them all out the window.
      Test your skills and claim the HHC Bracket Challenge title!
    • By HuskerFever
      I looked through many sites to try and find one that would let me pick Nebraska to win the whole thing, but to no avail. This will have to suffice. Be sure to sign up before the Second Round (a.k.a. the real round) begins!
    • By HuskerFever
      Does anybody know who set up the bracket challenge on CBS Sports last year? If so, it would be great if we could get a group put together again this year.
    • By HuskerFever
      The official* Husker Hoops Central Bracket Challenge is back! For those interested, click on the link below and set up your bracket before the tournament begins!
      * Disclaimer: This official designation was not approved by hhcmatt, nor has he paid me any royalties. Where's my money, Matt? For anyone entering into this contest, they are required to contribute to the "get the monkey off Nebrasketball's back fund." It's not a monetary contribution, it's just a requirement to continue to have high hopes for the program and continue to be let down, but still hanging in there hoping that one day we'll see Nebrasketball dancing on the NCAA logo after a March Madness game.
    • By HuskerFever
      The official* Husker Hoops Central Bracket Challenge is back! For those interested, click on the link below and set up your bracket before the tournament begins!
      * Disclaimer: The use of the word "official" was never discussed or agreed upon with the owners of Husker Hoops Central. I would like to think that although they likely do not mind the use of the word in this context, they will roll their eyes and get a laugh out of this disclaimer. Sorry for wasting your time with unnecessary fine print. Nobody reads the fine print anyway, right? So I suppose I can just say about anything here. What's the deal with airplane peanuts? Oh and while we're here, "creating a bracket in this challenge does not guarantee success but may cause headaches." Consult a doctor if your apathy lasts longer than four hours.
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