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    • By HuskerFever
      It's that time of year again, but this time it hurts just a little bit more. Who's ready to have a better bracket than Pomery, Lunardi, and all of the other self-proclaimed proctologists (not a typo)?
      RPI. KPI. SOR. BPI. POM. SAG. SOR. Quadrant 1. Throw them all out the window.
      Test your skills and claim the HHC Bracket Challenge title!
    • By HuskerFever
      The official* Husker Hoops Central Bracket Challenge is back! For those interested, click on the link below and set up your bracket before the tournament begins!
      * Disclaimer: The use of the word "official" was never discussed or agreed upon with the owners of Husker Hoops Central. I would like to think that although they likely do not mind the use of the word in this context, they will roll their eyes and get a laugh out of this disclaimer. Sorry for wasting your time with unnecessary fine print. Nobody reads the fine print anyway, right? So I suppose I can just say about anything here. What's the deal with airplane peanuts? Oh and while we're here, "creating a bracket in this challenge does not guarantee success but may cause headaches." Consult a doctor if your apathy lasts longer than four hours.
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