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Northwestern and Nebraska in the NCAA Tournament


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I want Northwestern to make it. I'd be a great story. I'd love it if they played late on Friday. That way, NU, our NU, after they go on a big run and win the Big Ten Tournament, will play on Thursday or early on Friday, win that game and get the win before NW does. Then we'll get what we want and can still have that nice NW story to cheer for. Best outcome for all parties, I think.

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46 minutes ago, nebfan24 said:

First post here, if nebraska wins out (which i predict they will), taking into account ed morrows injury losing a few games, does nebraska make the tournament?


also if northwestern loses 3/4 games which is a possibility. nebraska could potentially get the 4 seed

If Nebraska wins out, of course they're in! The winners of conference tournaments get an automatic bid. 

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10 hours ago, royalfan said:

For some reason I don't care if Northwestern wins one.  I will be rooting for them if they make it.  What they do doesn't really have much bearing on our ineptitude to this point. 


Other than the media constantly using the soundbite that "Nebraska is the only power conference team never to win an NCAA tournament game" over and over and over and over again. That also puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on a young athlete.

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