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" Huskers finding selves during daunting stretch"

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Good Brian Rosenthal article in Huskers.com.   Very similar themes to the ones mentioned in the "What are we making from this weekend?" and other threads.


Didn't know this was the first time ever playing Clemson.



You’d be hard pressed to find a nonconference schedule more daunting in program history than the one coach Tim Miles has assembled for his Nebraska basketball team.

Of course, Miles, in his fifth season, doesn’t have all the parts he expected to have when he signed to play the likes of Kansas.

Doesn’t matter now.

A young, growing, impressionable team, with only one senior, is in the midst of a 16-day stretch where it’s playing six teams currently ranked among the nation’s top 43 according to Ken Pomeroy’s college basketball rankings.



Buckle up.

“We’ve got a good group of young guys that wanted the challenge of this,” Miles said. “We’ve put them up against one of the more daunting schedules that Nebraska’s ever going to see, and they’re not going to flinch. They’re going to go out there every day.



“We showed we can play with teams they say are top 10 and things like that. We’re still learning, but we’ve still got to make the next big jump,” sophomore point guard Glynn Watson Jr. said.

“That’s the next jump, is winning the game and not just staying in the game, but winning the game.”



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