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Headed To The Clemson Game Tonight

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Little late to report here but wow, what a game. My thoughts...


Ed Morrow is simply on another level than every other big man we have. This may seem obvious but the dude just flat out hustles all the time, even when he's away from the ball. He made a couple of really really nice plays around the basket. If our bigs (and team for that matter) all played with the aggression and assertiveness that he plays with we would win 2-3 more games from sheer intensity alone. Morrow regularly gives up at least 3 inches in the post, yet his work ethic and hustle allow for him to be a dominate presence in the paint. Probably the most enjoyable player on our team to watch. 


Jordy is going to somehow have to learn how to defend and rebound without fouling. Him getting his 4th foul 25 feet from the basket 45 seconds after Miles put him back into the game sums up everything there is to say about him. Every time he makes a good play there seemingly are two additional boneheaded mistakes that will go away as he becomes more comfortable on the floor. Part of this I guess is due to there being different rules in the US game than the Canadian game but man, he could really help this team if he could get his act together. 


As tough as Morrow is in the paint, Jacobson is the complete opposite. Tends to avoid contact and rather than going up strong and using his size, a majority of the time he tries to finesse his way to the hoop. This is a mindset thing that may or may not be able to be changed in the future. 


Watson is a phenomenal player with the ball in his hands. Next step for him is to develop a catch and shoot/off the ball game. Tai played well. 


We DESPERATELY need a wing player to step up and give us something. Anything. I don't have the stats in front of me but did anyone from the Gill/Roby/Taylor/McVeigh foursome even score Wednesday night? 


Last thing about the offense- it will improve when we become more comfortable. There are a lot of players on this team that look timid and scared. I don't know why McVeigh does as a Junior but he still looks like he is freaking out every time he is on the floor and it really makes no sense. The guys that are comfortable out there (Tai, Glynn, Ed) are making serious plays. The guys that are scared aren't. And that, more than anything, sums up why we are where we are at this point.


The lack of ability to shoot the 3 pointer absolutely kills us offensively, and the lack of ability to defend the 3 pointer absolutely kills us defensively. There were multiple possessions where Clemson would toss it inside and the entire team would collapse on the post and they'd kick it out for a wide open 3 at the top of the key. Our biggest issues in defending the 3 pointer IMO actually come down to recruiting bigs that 1. rebound purposefully and effectively and 2. play good enough defense that we don't need to help from the perimeter. If our bigs can guard 1 on 1 in the post it will help our 3 point defense immensely. 


Thoughts on Clemson as a place: 


Really cool. 9-10 miles off the highway so pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Its ironic how much more developed Lincoln is as a city than Clemson yet you never hear that Clemson is in the middle of nowhere and thats the perception most people have of Nebraska. I was chatting with my buddy on the way down that we might be the only Nebraska fans in the entire arena but when we got to Esso (famous Clemson game day bar) we immediately saw large pockets of red intertwined with the orange. Never doubt Nebraska fans. If theres a game- we show up. 


Littlejohn Coliseum is very nice. Seats 9k and was just renovated last season, this was only the third game played there since the renovation. I was very surprised at the large student turnout for the game. They filled their entire section on the sideline and behind the basket. Band is also behind the basket in the middle of the student section. Fans couldn't have been nicer to us. 


Overall was a great experience. Would highly suggest going to a road game if you can. I hadn't been to a Nebrasketball road game before but it was a great experience and I look forward to attending next time they come close to the Carolinas. GBR

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10 minutes ago, seaofred92 said:

Overall was a great experience. Would highly suggest going to a road game if you can. I hadn't been to a Nebrasketball road game before but it was a great experience and I look forward to attending next time they come close to the Carolinas. GBR


I was able to make it to the game as well. There were pockets of Husker fans throughout the coliseum. Roby had a large fan base (maybe 15-20 people) there supporting him. I'd say there were maybe 50 Husker fans in red at the game. The arena was probably only about 25% filled, but as you mentioned, there was a good showing from the students. I really feel like that made a huge difference in the game. There were many moments early on where the arena was dead, but the students had some creative chants to get the crowd and team back into it. Not the result we were all hoping, but it's a game to learn from.

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Thanks for the report 'seaofred92'  So Very Glad to Read It!   :)


Another one of those games that we could very easily have won against higher rated teams.  We've shown we Can play at a high level!


There was a shot of a Husker fan in a Red Shirt sitting behind Tim Miles (looked like it was his daughter in a grey t-shirt sitting to his right).  Zat you?  ;)

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