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Website / thread issues?

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Does anyone else have a problem with threads after someone inserts a twitter to a message?   This is pretty recent but now whenever there is a post with a twitter that post keeps "expanding" or something.   Everything below that post keeps moving down on the page -  which makes those subsequent posts very difficult to read.   When we get to the next page it is fine - until someone imbeds a twitter into a post.   This just started happening a few weeks ago.  Does it happen to anyone else or is this just an issue on my end?   Anything I can do to make it stop?



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I've had the same issue on my work computer ever since HHC upgraded a month or so ago.  Never any issues on other computers/devices, though.  My work computer runs an ancient version of IE, but my personal devices stay updated.  Based on that, I'm guessing that an upgrade to your web browser should fix your problem.

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7 minutes ago, HuskerBB said:

Still doing it for me.  Once a thread has a twitter imbedded in a post everything below that just constantly moves down.   I have Chrome also so will plan to just access the site that way - but whatever you did doesn't fix it for me at least.



Sorry, I mis-read the response from support + was looking at it with the wrong browser.

This is a known issue that will be fixed in a week when new software is released. I'll see about fixing it before then.

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