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2017 SF Nana Akenten - LOI

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Looks like Nana Akenten is a typical Tim Miles recruit: a high-character and strong-academics person.  Here is a quote from his coach at the end of the last season:   


“Nana is one of the most talented kids we have had in our program and is only going to get better,” Bolingbrook coach Rob Brost said. “He is an outstanding student-athlete who represents everything that is good about BHS.”

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Did anyone else notice the opposing team's jerseys in the 0:56-1:00 section of that highlight video?  I'm surprised they're allowed to play in those.  The backs of the uniforms blend in with the ones that Nana's team is wearing.


This is part of the weird quirks of AAU that have inspired things like "AAU Bingo"

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