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  3. I'd like to say that I wish her well - but, apparently, I'm not that noble.
  4. It would be okay when the player is in the portal. but not before.
  5. Frost also came in hard a couple of weeks before signing day when he'd been committed to Wisconsin for a long time. Donovan told Hoiberg no because he saw the writing on the wall...... Yeah two for two sure...but way different
  6. That's right, but it is misleading. As I understand it, a school may not contact an athlete then on the roster of another school. BUT there are all sorts of ways to get the word out. Any friend of the "hunting" school can say to a "hunted" player "don't know if this interests you, but i have it on good authority that if you were ever thinking of leaving your present school, such and such a coach thinks you would be a good fit for his/her team". I think there are plenty of ways that an athlete could know which schools would come calling once she entered the transfer portal.
  7. Frost went after the brother hard. The brother said, “No.” Donovan committed to Tim Miles and told Hoiberg, “No.” Similarities? Differences? Sure on both. But it’s still two for two.
  8. Playing devil's advocate Riley and his staff spurned his brother and there wasn't interest till Frost was hired. So it's a little different.
  9. This is a very good assessment of Donovan and why he doesn't fit into Nebraska's offense and another reason why Fred didn't really put too much effort into keeping him. Sure some are going to say that Donovan still had an offer and all he had to do was sign or that Donovan was at the Husker games and showing up at Hendricks. But I know with 100% certainty that Fred ghosted Donovan for quite a while leading up to his decommitment. You can speculate based on social media all you want, but it's 100% true. The key is Donovan moved on and is looking at schools that fit him better (as Art stated KSU, Okie State and Texas) and Fred and Nebraska have moved on to guys who they feel are better fits. Both parties seem fine with it.
  10. Isn't that against the rules? I don't think that another team can contact a player until the y leave the team that they are on.
  11. I love mercenary games!
  12. I'm sure those feelers from several teams were out there in some form that flew below the radar helping her make up her mind to leave before she told Williams she was leaving. Should be interesting when we play them. Hope she has to sit a year.
  13. And yet Brown commits on April 5..
  14. ProspectsNation.com Top 2021’s Kendall Moriarty is #67 Overall (#22 Position) (on Page #2) (was #38 in Dec 2019) ESPN HOOPGURLZ Super 60 2021’s Listing shown only goes up to #60. Subscription required to see more (if the list does go beyond 60) ASGR National 75 2021 Rankings Kendall Moriarty is not listed on their top 75. https://prospectsnation.com/player/kendall-moriarty
  15. Yesterday
  16. At one point I thought prospect nation had her at 38
  17. Oh. I see we're arguing about Donovan today. I wish the kid the best, especially cuz he's from Lincoln. We never have that kind of talent here in Lincoln. Could he have fit here? Most definitely. But he didn't sign when he was given the chance. At the end of the day I trust Fred to make the right call on this. Let's let it play out and see if he did.
  18. You mean like a third of college basketball players?
  19. I am going to say with GREAT certainty that he will not stay at one school and may transfer more than once.
  20. Since there's an above 50% chance he lands here I'm going to go down the YouTube hole and see what he can bring. Little clips I've seen I can see a good rim protector and rebounder. I'm interested how him and Yvan can compliment each other.
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