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  3. I am needing one ticket for opening night. It doesn’t matter where the seat is located. Thanks!
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  5. I think Frost is smart enough to leave those “Blackshirt” jerseys hanging in the lockers for this one...
  6. I guess we'll find out. If it had been a 5-set loss at home, I'd say it'd almost be likely with Stanford losing twice (incl. once at home).
  7. Sorry to notice the elephant in the room but there is a good chance we could lay another gigantic egg on national tv now. This seems eerily familiar to the last time Gameday was here in 2007 when Will Farrell and USC were our guests. That was the last time my wife accompanied me to a game and since we sat right next to the USC band she had their fight song memorized by halftime it had been played so often. She has not returned to a game since, so if we should win, I will happily certify her as a jinx.
  8. So we could stay #1 Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  9. Ironically, Stanford lost ahead of playing NU, then lost again after playing NU. It seems like Stanford wanted to beat NU more than either Minnesota or BYU (at home, no less!).
  10. 5 days 'til the Nebrasketball Opening Night. 38 days 'til the exhibition game vs Doane. 44 days 'til the regular season is underway with UC-Riverside.
  11. Jimmykc is the "King of Eloquence."
  12. The recruiting possibilities for all Husker athletics programs will be as good as it gets this upcoming weekend.
  13. The self-described "Polish Pistol" Troy Piatkowski weighs in on the kicker situation:
  14. Robin Washut said that there is potential for the addition of a massive recruit at the Ohio State game. Could it be 2021 Rivals #1 Jonathan Kominga? We know that Matt A. was recruiting Kominga for St Johns. Any inside info?
  15. And now, as if it wasn't already going to be an event-filled weekend:
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  17. I'm glad we found out some cogent information on the Program here. As far as I knew, James Caan was going to teach a course on how to lay in the middle of a highway at night for the longest. And I hope Cip noted the three periods this time.
  18. I'm still surprised that Bill Self didn't bolt for professional sports a la Pete Carroll. Guessing he must know KU will 'pay' for this via Wichita State as the Shockers will feel the most pain.
  19. visiting (official) next weekend per Rivals. Sounds like NU and Stanford lead.
  20. Also from the end of the KC Star article was this little nugget: Third parties and/or boosters are not allowed to provide anything with monetary value to a recruit or the recruit’s family or guardian. It is possible the NCAA deems it inappropriate for Townsend to ask Gassnola to send gear to Angola. ESPN recently reported that NCAA investigators were also working on cases at Arizona, Auburn, Creighton, Louisville, LSU and USC.
  21. "The NOA being sent to Kansas is expected to outline the violations that occurred because of KU’s relationship with former Adidas employee T.J. Gassnola, who testified in federal court last October that he made payments of $90,000 to the mother of former player Billy Preston."
  22. Norm - this is the school that botched up the Roburt Sallie paperwork, remember? Some things never change.
  23. No inside knowledge here just my recent experience. Was heading to Thailand in February, my passport expired in July and I thought nothing of it. It didn’t expire before I was coming back. However it expired within the 180 day max you are allowed to stay without a work visa or similar long term travel doc. Almost missed the trip because of it. A lot of people looking to run from something do so in Thailand and they will not let you in and will turn you back at customs if your passport expires within 180 days of your arrival regardless of your purchased travel itinerary. With international travel there are many caveats. Any of those caveats could be called a paperwork mixup.
  24. Where’s my AP style book when I need it...
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