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  2. Indiana bounced back to beat UConn in NYC, 57-64.
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  4. Dirk’s a Jackass, not a realist. He writes stuff just to rile people up and get clicks period.
  5. This post didn't age well. But it just goes to show how scary good Ohio State appears to be right now. Wow.
  6. Honest question:. why does being a realist always seem to be negative? Like if I am a Ohio State fan being a realist would mean that my team is going to win it all correct? But what if I think we are going to lose to LSU in the final, does that mean I am not a realist?
  7. I will go to many games as possible but sad I wont be able to sell my tickets like last year on the games I cant go to.
  8. Dirk cites facts and is a realist. People get pissed cause they dont want to live in reality. Neither works for the univ either and sips point was taken out of context. I enjoy reading both of them. Keeps me level.
  9. That’s pretty much where I am as well.
  10. Not ashamed to say I'm there already. I shut it down emotionally after the Southern game. I am fully in year #0 mode now, just looking for guys to make incremental improvement. I'm not saying they can't get me back this year, but I am not going to get mad/frustrated if they don't.
  11. Best part of the whole post.
  12. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they do though, I figured it out the first time I saw them do it and I was only a casual TV observer. If it works even just one time, that's one turnover your team didn't have to earn. All worth it even just for that one.
  13. I have to admit that I find myself not nearly as focused this year. I’ll watch when I can, read up on stuff and generally pay attention. But...in the past I would schedule stuff around watching NU hoops. This year, if I have something else to do, NU hoops may take a back seat. Call me a bad fan or whatever, but I am a bit burned out on Men’s Cornhusker athletics at this point.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I'd agree. I didn't get that either until he said it on his morning radio show.
  16. Dec 9th, 2019 Show #6 - Hoiberg on the road, then Gates Hoiberg recaps the Georgia Tech and Creighton games Georgia Tech: had a large Nebraska crowd, weren't really aggressive in the first half as we went to the FT line 0 times Creighton: Stagnant on the offensive end which led to poor shot selection which fed the Jay's transition game. They were confident and were going down hill. We started chasing rebounds instead of getting back on D, which you can't do against Creighton. In the 2nd half we were attacking the rim and getting into our sets...unfortunately we were trading baskets. We got it down to 17 and Burke gets a steal that goes off the ref's foot. Responded well on Monday with a really good practice and will play on Friday and Sunday Talked about the 2 timeouts he called in a row because guys weren't getting back in transition which was the game plan Thor started because Mack was a minute late. Went on to talk about his time as a player under Larry Bird where Bird told the team he had never been late in his NBA career for anything and this was what he expected from the team. Hoiberg has the philosophy that if Bird, a top 10 player can be on time for everything, then there is no excuse for anyone playing for him to be late and thus it was an easy call to not start Mack. Went on to compliment Thor about his work in the off-season and you're seeing that pay off in his shot, confidence, and that he's rarely out of position defensively. Sharp asks about the lack of finishing off the rim. Hoiberg notes that players are taking shots off-balance and it's impacting their accuracy. There are times where we penetrate into the lane and we should kick to an open shooter on the backside but instead try to shoot the ball over a defender. Thought we were great in the second half vs Creighton because we were attacking North-South. They work on finishing drills every day. HCFH talked about rivalries and how much he loved playing in those games vs Iowa. He rattles off his record of 3-1 vs Iowa as a player and specifically mentions the loss as a sophomore where he played poorly. States his 4-1 record as a coach and called them 4 of the best wins of his coaching career. (As you can tell, he is very much about rivalries and beating rivals) Gets into upcoming games: Indiana really guards you and they have physicality at all positions. It will be a completely different game than vs the Jays who wanted to go up and down and shoot 3s. The Hoosiers will beat you up a little and crash the boards. So instead of trying to get back and find shooters we're going to have to keep them off the glass. Noted that Purdue beat a slow team like Virginia by a lot of points which is tough to do. They have a ton of size and they're physical. ----------- Some nuggets from Gates Thor and Easley are often the first two guys in for practice Morning practice helps for being able to get somewhere for recruiting if needed and making sure that guys are getting to bed on time They want Kavas to keep shooting when he's open, don't hesitate Burke needs to stay locked in and don't gamble because that will get him pulled off the court Gates thinks that Arop is the only player not redshirting that has elite B1G athleticism. (He said a couple of guys sitting out has that)
  17. Yer spot on Matt, most “Husker Fans” have tuned out the Basketball team before the season even starts. That article was directed to the people on this board & how many of these gut punches can WE take before we tune out. Since many/most of us were weaned on 7th or 8th place finishes in the Big 8, he grossly underestimates our level of masochism... We’re in it for the long haul regardless, but an 0-fer in Conference is almost unthinkable, there’s too many other bad teams.
  18. Not counting some of their games they've played overseas, yes it is.
  19. Yeah, they're not the best / brightest
  20. If that is what his message was and everyone else interpreted it a different way, that would indicate to me he didn't make his point very well.
  21. I still consider it a travesty that Rick Johnson wasn’t given a lifetime contract.
  22. I'm pretending the season was cancelled and the only sport going on is pro surfing. It's easier on the psyche.
  23. zzzzz....oh.sorry, is dinner ready yet? did I miss something?
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