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  2. Not defending the 3 is not a good scheme. Right up there with missing layups
  3. Good half. I like the game plan on both ends and the effort is definitely there tonight. Bad matchups for Thor, Haanif, and Yvan. Good matchups for Cam, Burke, and Cross. Both sides have done a good job exploiting the others’ weaknesses. I actually thought we outplayed them and had some tough luck on tipped passes that ended up being threes. There were like 9 points UW scored that way. Maybe the yin will yang in the 2nd.
  4. It's 20 minutes of scrapping and effort like that which reminds me why the losses this year are meaningless. Who knows what the next twenty minutes holds but you can clearly see the process and the buy in from the guys on a 7-11 team. Even Jervay Green with a reduced role. Be patient everyone!
  5. Wish I could read it, Bugs!
  6. Green seems like he’s so close sometimes to having that light turn on. I know a lot of ppl wanted to give up on him, but he’s so talented. I hope he figures out his role and how to play under control. He would be a great scorer off the bench now and next year.
  7. I'm not so sure. Play like they do and it makes the discrepancy in the calling all the more obvious. If you don't play like they do, then nothing will change. We'll continue to get the ticky-tack calls and they'll continue to get away with body slams (or scratches down the back). We may still lose, but they'll know they've been in a (and what to expect)
  8. https://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2020/1/21/21076363/kansas-basketball-fight-k-state-jayhawks-wildcats
  9. Yeah, it was! Would have been a hell of a finish, and even more fun to watch! Overall, this has been a pretty solid half.
  10. Love the two comments 1) Don't worry the KU players can pay the fine. 2) KU players will still be paid while on suspension. or something like that.
  11. Would they call a foul on him if he picked up an opponent and body slam him?
  12. A Pretzel 3 just before the half But Cam Mack gets the last score of the half! Halftime Stats:
  13. They are shooting 50% from 3. To many wide open looks for them
  14. Burke and Cross making my night Please. I'm tired of Davison.
  15. Playing like this, I don't see where the 15 points favoring Wiscy comes from?
  16. We just had a jump ball on a ball that went out of bounds. Wow.
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