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  2. This is all so ridiculous to me. If you wana stay home, stay home. If you wana go watch the game, go to the game. If you wana play, play. The hospitals aren’t even close to being overwhelmed. Nearly everyone is getting tested. Majority of people don’t show symptoms. Death rate continues to decrease. Recovery rate continues to increase. What the hell are we doing cancelling virtually everything still?
  3. He's still at the top of the guys I want for 21. He's going to brewster for his senior year.
  4. I’ve heard Michigan St. will be added to make it an even ten, but it’s really all just speculation at this point. I’d be more surprised if we DO have a season at this point then if we don’t.
  5. being reported that Duke is targeting Kara Lawson and deal could be done very soon. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/duke/article244129572.html
  6. That often happens when kids go through growth spurts.
  7. You're dating yourself. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  8. Our world filled with anti and pseudo science also confounds me.
  9. If we're worried about social distancing among the fans, I don't see any reason why we can't still have a women's college hoops season.
  10. ...and apparently none of them are suffocating to death. Shocking.
  11. There is already a laundry lists of dos and don'ts to enter any sporting event at Nebraska. Adding mask wearing seems like an easy call. Also, *this* is the year to three clap for an opposing team instead of yelling
  12. Omaha hired ppl for survey crews. But, alas, maybe that's changed....it has been 27 years. Oh boy, where does the time go !
  13. New ERA and new rules - one of the big reasons that unless the boys are over and turn it on, the NBA is NEVER on at my house.
  14. Speaking of the SEC (or the SIAA at the time), Georgia Tech managed to play football during the 1918 pandemic.
  15. That wreaks conference-only hoops to me. Very very early though. We have to remember to put into perspective that we are 4 months into this, talking about a basketball season that is originally scheduled 4 months from now. A lot will happen between now and then.
  16. We're going to see football of some kind this year. Might not be the Big 10, but the SEC is going to play regardless. Looks like I might have to pull out my old LSU CWS merch for this fall.
  17. We used to hire college kids in the summer just to kind of be the grunts do the simple stuff but anymore everything's gotten so technical and you got to be certified for everything that they don't hire many summertime help in the construction end of it now over in the maintenance in they'll hire one or two in an office but we haven't hired anybody in the construction in probably 30 years Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  18. Coach Frost hit it on the head a few weeks ago - the virus isn't going anywhere, and we have to learn how to live with it as safely as possible. Athletes are almost certainly safer with sports and all the protocols in place, rather than taking them out of that atmosphere. However, the people in charge of making these decisions are not risk takers on the whole. University leaders do not want to be known for going rogue, and the easiest decision is to shut everything down. I know yesterday's announcement was supposed to infuse optimism about a season, but it had the opposite effect on me. I think it was step 1 toward shutting everything down. I'd guess if there's no football in September, there are no college sports of any kind in 2020-21. Without football, the finances don't justify starting any sports for the entire school year. Yes, men's basketball makes some money, but if you play men's hoops, you almost certainly have to play all of the other non-revenue sports in the winter and spring too, which is tough to justify without football cash in the bank. No football in 2020 also is going to result in massive cutting of sports and scholarships. Schools (outside of NU) just don't have a rainy day fund. Could completely change college athletics and the number of opportunities that are available. Hope I'm wrong, and hope the leaders are not just looking at the short term consequences of this.
  19. This was buried at the bottom of Chris Heady's OWH story about B1G-only football: Conference play for men’s basketball typically begins in December, but there’s a growing belief among the college basketball community that the season won’t begin until January at the earliest. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/heady-big-tens-decision-a-sign-of-optimism-sports-can-be-played-but-nothings-guaranteed/article_b7b92f32-7a4b-54d3-8282-bd243b2a5909.html
  20. It's amazing to me how much kids carry the ball now and it's never called. Could never get away with that when I played.
  21. I'm with Lamar. Let these athletes play if they want to play. Get busy living or get busy dying. Edit: This goes for both CFB and NFL. Actually any sport.
  22. The current league schedule isn't going to be the one they use. They are going to redo the schedule to put the divisional games first so home/away will change. We may not even have the same crossovers.
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