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  2. I forgot Mayen played at TCU(?). Thanks
  3. No offense taken HB. I enjoy reading your opinions and those of others. I know 12dozen, actual facts, bugs, redsteve, HUD and others are all frustrated. I haven't said the criticism is grossly unfair or extreme. I do think any reasonable mind should agree year 1 should not be held against the current staff as they inherited a mess caused by lots of factors that they had nothing to do with. I think you have even previously agreed with me on that. I disagree that we were elite in 15-16 season before Theriot got hurt. The transfer we had that year had a harder time adjusting than people anticipated, and battled injuries; and our star freshman was 60 lbs overweight and scored 20 ppg but let it 28 ppg (I am making that number up i have no actual stat) plus she was causing friction with the players and coaches. Our highly ranked soph recruiting class had already seen Kaylee Page and Chandler Smith transfer, leaving just Romeo plus jas, Darrien and a walk on. Re: why we don't have a WNBA kid currently. Probably because there are only about 15-25 annually nationwide and they are darn hard to get. We had a good run and had several, but when you lose the momentum just slightly the current "hot programs" (oregan, oregan state etc) pick them up along with the old guard (uconn baylor etc). You also in the midwest have to get a little lucky and have a few grow up in your back yard and then keep them at home (ie - hooper and shepard) One worked out great for us, the other not so much through no fault of anybody at University of Nebraska. Look at K- states big run when Lehning, Wecker, Ohlde, Koehn etc all grew up in rural Kansas about the same time and went on to WNBA. Kstate was great those years. After that they have been good but not great. its been much leaner for them when rural kansas dried up a little. Traditionally girls don't go more than an adjoining state away to play college nearly as frequently as boys do. Obviously there are numerous exceptions, but per every 100 womens players compared to mens i guarantee you the distance where they play from home is much closer than on the mens side. Coach Yori is and was and awesome coach. I am a HUGE fan or her as a person and as a coach. I don't think she or her staff had BCS/power 5 head coaching experience when they arrived either. The current staff had zero to do with her departure. Any frustration with the transition should be always earmarked for the former AD. I agree we desperately need a PG. The staff has been in the final 2 or 3 schools on several high level ones the last couple of years but unfortunately they have gone else where I am sure the staff is more frustrated than anybody on this board. They have skin in the game and it effects their occupation and families. I agree with 12dozen that the staff represents NU with high class in all they do and stand for. I care about them and really want them to succeed.
  4. If you were to have a draft of Big Ten players, I doubt whether many of the Wisconsin guys would go very high. That being said, they have a system, they run their sets very well, and their personnel is very skilled and perfectly fits the way they want to play. The fact that we have nobody that can guard post players straight up has really hurt us and limited what we can do from a defensive standpoint. Add to it that we don't always stop dribble penetration, and it's a recipe for what's happened to us this year. There is still reason for excitement for what may come in future years. Fred's system is really fun to watch, and for the most part, our guys get great looks at the basket. Even with our defensive shortcomings, if we make even half of our missed lay-ups and dunks, we'd be in within two or three possessions of some of the games we've lost by double digits. Hopefully having guys like Banton, Allen and Stevenson finishing at the rim will raise that percentage significantly. It would be interesting to know how many assists Cam would have had this season had guys been able to finish. This Saturday alone, he had at least 4 assists which were squandered.
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  6. Any chance we're able to line up an unofficial for Sam and Charlie Hoiberg?
  7. The one thing not to overlook about Mayen or Allen is that they both have played significant minutes at the Power-5 level so the *juco adjustment* probably won't be so severe for either.
  8. Please understand at the outset that I have great respect for your views, KH. You have forgotten more about women's basketball then I will ever know. But in fairness, in the year you speak of, we lost our 40 minute a game point guard to a season ending injury. We weren't an NIT level program at that time. We were close to elite, if not elite. That was our BAD year. If you want to have a 5 year lens, the program is now considerably worse over the last 5 years than the 5 before. If the season finishes out the way it has been going, I think calling it a 5 year drought is not unfair. Pretty damn accurate based on results and talent level in the program. And now, we certainly have dropped well below .500 in league games. We pretty much schedule a .500 season. I don't think being concerned with being toward the bottom of the league means a fan is being overly critical. But I don't look at just one year. Where's the program at in year 4 of this staff? How's the talent level and coaching? Hopefully just fine. But I was concerned when we blew it up that Eichorst hired a coach who had hardly any experience at a power 5 school. Who then hired assistants who had never spent one day coaching and recruiting at the power 5 level. Collectively zero days! Our program then was at the level that it cold have hired someone proven. A much better job than our men's program. For whatever reason, Shawn blew it up over his goofy world view and took a huge flier on this group. The verdict is still out. Hopefully time will prove it to be a good hire. But it's hard to understand how any unbiased observer could say things are going swimmingly in year 4. If we don't have any WNBA talents, why? We had them for years. When you say we don't have one NBA player in year 4, how is that not an indictment on recruiting? Are we "not that far off", or are we going the other direction? Time will tell. We could still go on a run this year and make the postseason. But if not, we're looking at staying home 2 years in a row, with 1 bid in 4 seasons, still no point guard, and getting out-recruited by other Big 10 teams, and most decidedly by Iowa. From my perspective, posters on here have been pretty respectful. Everyone is still hoping the team improves and it all turns out fine. The relatively mild criticisms are not out of line and no one has earned a lecture. Except Kearney Man, but he is gone.
  9. You can pay to stream this online here: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/news-channel-nebraska/gam6270e6634b It might be available via NCN's website but I doubt it https://metro.newschannelnebraska.com/watch
  10. It would appear that you can catch Millard North with Sallis and Co. vs North Star who happens to have DW tonight via News Channel Nebraska
  11. Banton may be 6'8 but he's a guard
  12. Agree, comparisons to our volleyball program, is not realistic. Also agree, Romeo was a terrific player. That does not automatically qualify her as a leader. With regard to the state of our basketball program, I do believe this coaching staff needs to be held to a high standard. You mention being unfair to compare current players to former stars that achieved WNBA status. I agree. But, why don't we have that caliber player in our program? You talk of the desire and effort of this staff, yet I'm not sure we have much to show for it. You mention it not being like we've dipped below 500 and are getting thumped. I agree on the thumped part. Overall, Amy's record has dipped below 500. If not for the cupcake schedule this year, it might be worse. The sky is not falling. We have talent on the roster. But again, I'm not giving an automatic passing grade to the staff. Are players improving year to year? Are we addressing recurring short comings on the court? Are we upgrading talent to the level we can compete for league championships? I like Amy. She represents our University with extreme class. But, there are question marks. Is this a Power 5 staff? Time will tell. I hope you are right, and we aren't far off.
  13. appears apology has been accepted and according to player and her parents, situation has come to a close. https://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/high-school/hs-basketball/family-of-norwalk-girls-basketball-player-injured-in-hair-pulling-incident-accepts-opponents-apology/95-e7887c7f-e1c5-49a3-bb3d-25375e2e997c
  14. ran a number of scenarios on that site. while the 1-9 seeds are more volatile than nebraska's 10 seed, i did find one thing to keep an eye on. that is nebraska could drop to the 11 seed (and play the first day). huskers need to finish above minnesota to keep that 10 seed. i didn't see where nebraska can move up from that 10 spot because of the tie-breakers that hang over the huskers. minny is @indiana, @iowa, and home against maryland. tough finish for them. also, looks like wisconsin, illinois and penn st are a lock to play the first day. so, work to be done if they want to hang on to that 10 seed.
  15. I have no clue, that’s just how things work these days. Plus we are Nebraska, guys we think are locks to return when seasons end find a way to end up leaving.
  16. i also was going to mention that from watching her games and reading the articles, Romeo was not a leader. she was somewhat introverted. i think she tried to avoid any media. you really didn't see a lot of emotion from her. she would drop a three and if there was a timeout for whatever reason she may come to the huddle with a big smile on her face---but, that seemed to be the extent of it. wouldn't surprise me if Hoiberg and Williams have had a few minutes together. if not now (because they both are kinda busy at this time)---bet they rap a bit after the seasons are over.
  17. Its probably not so much who but moreso common knowledge that 1-3 kids are gonna transfer every year from every single school.
  18. Romeo was a very goood player and shooter and nice kid. She was NOT a leader at all. She was quoted in the paper some because she scored a lot so they interviewed her — ironically this thread is using the team from romeos soph year as the model of what we want why complaining about this years team and yet the team from romeos soph year barely made the WNIT and lost to northern Iowa at home in the first round if I recall They had about the same record and results as the current team — the post mentioning how Kelsey hooper Moore could close out games at the end doesn’t factor in that all 3 were WNBA kids. We don’t have one currently. Harder to realistically except same outcome when kids put in that same situation are not WNBA talents. Rather they are Just good quality big 10 players trying their hardest. — cook is an amazing coach. But his program talent wise is the volleyball equivalent of UCONN. Our b-ball roster doesn’t have nearly the talent advantage to other bcs schools as our volleyball roster does — we can all agree we need to get better and do better. We aren’t that far off and I am sure nobody on this board wants it fixed as badly as the staff or players. —-we played in the ncaa tourney 23 months ago (2 seasons ago). Yeah it's looking like chances are not good this year and everybody wants back to the ncaas. . But it’s not like it has been a 5 year drought and it’s certaibly not like we have dipped below 500 or are getting thumped.
  19. I am curious to know who B-town hoopsfan (and anyone else on this board) thinks will not return.
  20. I get what your saying, night in and out you’d be on a bigger stage in the B1G or ACC. But at the same time it isn’t the same as it was 30 years ago. Gonzaga will be on TV night in and out, they’ll be in the hunt for a #1 seed, and he’s gonna be on the NBAs radar. I get the iron sharpens iron mindset but guys like Rui have made the jump just fine. Gonzaga gives you as good of a shot at a Natty and the NBA as any of the bluebloods.
  21. Even then you get 5-6 high level games out of 30, instead of 20 in big boy conferences. They might get him and I will cheer for him wherever he goes. I still think most major talents want the challenge of going against the best players on prime time TV. Not late night games very few people watch against weak opponents.
  22. Norm! Come back soon! They're already making commercials about your absence...
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