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  2. I would agree that Moos kind of blew this some.. Should have come out with Tim is doing a great job IN THE TOURNAMENT and the boys are playing really hard RIGHT NOW. It would have maybe been a bit cleaner. But I would have to think that any of the people on this staff kind of know what is happening right now. I have to agree with somebody that they are coaching for a resume pop and because they really like the kids they coach.
  3. Only the right hire if he brings along a good staff, we need to make sure we support the team with $$
  4. Redemptive Suffering is a cornerstone of our faith You've likely heard the phrase ' offer it up'. The Catholic version of grin and bear it. In short I hope Hoiberg is a good evangelical. GBR and PTL!
  5. Ever since the NCAA bought out the NIT, it's always been an afterthought. I have a feeling they care more about matchups than they do about spending the time trying to analyze metrics to provide a fair and balanced bracket. It's almost like we should go back to the NIT days where they didn't aside any seeds in the brackets.
  6. I guess I am in the minority here, but if a man gives his word that he will tell us at the end of the season, then I take him at his word and wait till the end of our season. Kind of the "OLD NEBRASKAN GUY" on this one. I also see this as one of the problems with social media and the press trying to be first.. Too get the scoop.. Okay now I will go eat some bran and get ready for bed it is like 6:00.
  7. I'm still in the camp that regardless of coach, the whole Nebraska basketball support and operations from top to bottom needs reviewed, and upgrades, process improvements implemented as needed. This try a new coach every 7, 8 years, rinse, repeat, rebuild, is tiresome. The administration needs to figure out a way to do things as good, or better, than the top programs in the country, and strive for that every day. If Marc Boehm can help the administration do that, then great!
  8. No. They were told Moos would make an announcement. They weren’t told exactly what it would say, but something along the lines of what it said.
  9. I get that, but if still if you are 4th seed, you are approximately 13-16th team out...and 5th seed you are approximately 17th to 20th team out. IMO, this tells me the Metrics kind of suck...because even though the committees are different, I don't think a 13 win team in the Big 10 should ever be lower than a 6 win team in the Big ten. The conference wasn't that much different than last year other than perception....
  10. Did he force Moos' hand to make a statement at the worst time for Moos and the Atletic Department but at the most strategic time to emote support for Tim after a nice three game uptick. Perhaps Moos had told Tim that at the end of the season he would make an announcement 45 minutes after Tim's post game press conference. It's up for interpretation what would mark the end of the season in this case. As you said Tim is not stupid. In fact he is quite clever.
  11. Doc was an average-at-best recruiter. Of course, Mable Lee Hall was his practice facility. Spinelli got most of his good recruits. Ge was fantastic at defensive scheming. I would LOVE to have him back for that.
  12. Yesterday
  13. You got way too much time on your hand!! LOL
  14. While this seems to point to Moos doing his due diligence, as he should. This makes me a bit uncomfortable, since we still have a coach preparing players for a game Wednesday. If we make a run in the NIT, this speculation may go on for a few weeks. Not sure its right.
  15. Glass houses, Steer Porn Mon. Glass houses.
  16. From what I have heard (I dont care if y'all think the integrity behind this post is lacking, as I dont post much) the credibility of the source Jeff Goodman has regarding his tweet is very close to Fred Hoiberg. I have been a cynical sally for a long time but there are some real legs to this. Also, this is by no means a done deal but quite a bit of smoke to Freddy being the next coach. I love Tim and I dont think he nor the kids deserve what is going on. I have said, he is an amazing guy but ya gotta compete and compete with results; he has not done the latter.
  17. We need to recruit players with the following anagrams... national-champs big-ten-champ multiple-banners
  18. OMG! I just realized that an anagram for Bill Moos is Lob-limos. I think I may have found the key to Nebraska's future basketball success!
  19. Just in case no one has noticed, an anagram for Fred Hoiberg is Beg- for- hired. Now that's really eerie.
  20. One game tomorrow and one on Wednesday. is the original schedule.
  21. Someone at the NYT is reporting that if offered the job, Hoiberg would accept. Hardly “official” but if the cows are out of the barn, everyone’s favorite Rancher Bill Moos better deliver.
  22. Leakers? Like your source? And Hoiball's source?
  23. No, he didn't know. Not then anyway. I didn't listen to the podcast, so I don't know how it was brought up. But if Miles was the one who brought up the name Hoiberg, it was purely coincidental. That name is an easy guess, though, for anybody speculating about a coaching change. Didn't take any kind of rocket scientist to speculate Hoiberg would be an attractive candidate given ... he's not currently employed. And has connections to the area, etc. Duh. Miles isn't stupid. He can make the same kinds of educated guesses that literally dozens of other people made. How is that manipulation? Seriously, how?
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