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  2. I could be wrong, but I thought I read that the ACC as going to allow Notre Dame to play the teams in the conference.
  3. Wrong sport. He plays baseball and is currently on playing first base.
  4. Yesterday
  5. If you want to watch basketball with a rooting interest Andrew White is playing live on ESPN. It's like rooting against creighton.
  6. From the 1919 University of Nebraska yearbook about the 1918 football season, which opened in the middle of a World War, and which was suspended from Oct. 5's opener against Iowa until a Nov. 9 game against the Omaha Balloon School: Were alibis necessary, Nebraska could claim, along with every other school in the Conference, that the unprecedented influenza epidemic made serious inroads on their team's progress. The plague caused an element of uncertainty in every game. Not alone in the personnel of the team, where changes were constantly being made necessary through the claim of the "flu" but also in the student body and in the other devotees of the game, was there an element of unrest and lack of interest. It was never surely known even on the eve of a game whether the teams would clash the following day or not, for bans on public gatherings were being enforced and lifted at all hours of the day and night. (snip) Just prior to the lifting of the freshman ban, the Government took over the control of the Valley sports, and so cut the Nebraska schedule, in order to eliminate the trips and curtail expense, that is was hardly recognizable after it was returned to us. The Syracuse game and the one scheduled with Morgantown, West Virginia, were both barred, and so the team had only one trip to look forward to through the entire season. The trip allowed was made to St. Louis, where Nebraska mixed with Dick Rutherford's Washington Pikers, December 7, 1918.
  7. Unfortunately it probably will as there is speculation that flu season will lead to additional outbreaks. Hence why many universities are trying to end the semester by Thanksgiving break.
  8. Hopefully this doesn’t bleed in to basketball. This team is going to need some non con games to jell.
  9. I appreciate this analysis and hearing a view point from both sides. These are some good points and really does make me reconsider some of the aspects of this disease. I may still not think it’s quite as severe as some on this board, but it does make me think about things a little more. I’m not looking for any debates nor am I casting stones. I’m just pretty tired of Covid and 2020 in general tbh.
  10. I'm not here for a big debate, nor do I think there's a clear right or wrong answer in these uncertain times; there's still so much to learn. But there is one thing that I do want to add to your point on simply looking at the death rate. More about that in a minute. Based on what I've read about previous pandemics, patterns, and behaviors of the virus (no, I'm not an expert at all; I encourage you to read up on it as well) this pandemic will be defined by the number of deaths that result. And at this point in time the number of tests really don't mean anything other than to help with contact tracing, which we've failed miserably at. Part of that is just due in part with the way our freedoms and protections are set up in this country versus some other countries who have been very successful at it. I've also seen that previous pandemics saw the worst of it in the first six months and the virus itself lasted a couple of years. But back to my point on deaths. Although the percentage may be low for actual deaths, I have personally started to hear from friends, and have started to see more and more studies being published, that a large majority of people who have had COVID are still exhibiting symptoms 60+ days after contracting it. Whether that's losing sense of taste and/or smell that entire time, having major migraines, seizures, etc. And there's also studies out there on previous SARS outbreaks with this being a big area of focus. I'm not saying I'm bought into it at this moment, but the growing number of empirical research on the topic is becoming more pronounced. So when you start talking about long term respiratory effects, and long term brain effects, I'm going to take more precautions beyond "the death rate is low" until more research comes out debunking that. https://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriaforster/2020/07/08/brain-damage-and-hallucinations-associated-with-even-mild-covid-19-coronavirus-infection/
  11. I respect your opinion, but I refuse to get caught up in the “I know it doesn’t seem bad, just wait another couple weeks and see what happens” type of mindset. Social media and the media in general continue to warn of how bad it’s going to get and how the death rate is going to increase substantially. Still waiting. On top of that, is the 99.99% survival rate too low for student athletes? That’s whats so ridiculous to me. These are 20 year olds in peak physical condition. If you don’t wana be around them stay home. Not that hard
  12. No, I agree that the death rate seems to have gone down for the time being. Just read today on the CDC's site that COVID-related deaths made up less than 6% of US deaths this week, which was the first time that has happened since the pandemic hit. And that is indeed an important statistic, although I don't see how that can be considered a success when compared to the rest of the developed world. And when you start looking forward there is less cause for optimism. We have multiple major cities that are on the brink of maxing out their ICU resources, and contact tracing has become nearly impossible at this point. With all of the recent hospitalizations, do you really think the death rate will still trend downward in a couple more weeks? Unfortunately, that number will likely steeply increase within that time frame.
  13. Ok let me rephrase in saying that testing is much more readily available than it was. Also would you deny the fact that the death rate has continued to decrease despite the uptick in confirmed cases (due to more testing)? As well as the recovery rate continuing to increase? Seems like those are the most important statistics.
  14. Presuming fans will be able to attend the indoor sporting events, which invariably I hope to do so... just not sure I'll be given that option.
  15. Proud to be who I am. And I never go out with myself. That would be weird.
  16. False. While some states are currently well under capacity, the Southern states that are surging are in a heap of trouble. One example: https://www.azmirror.com/2020/07/03/as-covid-19-worsens-az-is-the-first-state-to-enact-crisis-care-standards/ Also false. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/13-states-now-report-coronavirus-testing-issues-echo/story?id=71698974
  17. Woman Who Married Herself Cheats On Herself https://pjmedia.com/culture/faith-moore/2017/11/06/woman-married-cheats-n169549
  18. Last week
  19. This is all so ridiculous to me. If you wana stay home, stay home. If you wana go watch the game, go to the game. If you wana play, play. The hospitals aren’t even close to being overwhelmed. Nearly everyone is getting tested. Majority of people don’t show symptoms. Death rate continues to decrease. Recovery rate continues to increase. What the hell are we doing cancelling virtually everything still?
  20. He's still at the top of the guys I want for 21. He's going to brewster for his senior year.
  21. I’ve heard Michigan St. will be added to make it an even ten, but it’s really all just speculation at this point. I’d be more surprised if we DO have a season at this point then if we don’t.
  22. being reported that Duke is targeting Kara Lawson and deal could be done very soon. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/duke/article244129572.html
  23. That often happens when kids go through growth spurts.
  24. You're dating yourself. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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