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  2. So you think that is on the players, not on the coach?
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  4. Wouldn't shock me if Arop is gone. He committed to Miles and was kept on as a courtesy as he's not a fit with what Hoiberg wants out of that position. There were opportunities with a small roster for him to play more and he didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if he's told to look elsewhere as they can use up his roster spot with someone else.
  5. Yo! When Strickland flew into the tables saving that ball from going out of bounds, that happened right in front of me. Wild game.
  6. There's rumblings he may be reclassifying to the 2020 class. So it would be him or Sanogo one would imagine
  7. He’s going to Kentucky word on the street. Which is insane to me.
  8. Reminds me that Norm should be back after Sunday.
  9. Gary Bargen’s folks were our neighbors in Superior...
  10. I'm going to take the optimistic approach and believe that it will all work out. Check back with me at the end of the season.
  11. I got home late and thought that this would ba as a place to chat about the game. but no one is chatting.
  12. What, no game thread video? You're slipping, bugeaters.
  13. Here's music from the last pandemic. Reality can give gut punches. That last undisputed regular season championship the Huskers had in men's basketball was five years prior...
  14. Yesterday
  15. So how many of you guys were in the student section?
  16. Makes that 7 win season seem LIGHT years away...
  17. Then we have another shitty season.
  18. Maybe would have made the NCAA tourney. They ended their season on a 5 game losing streak and were very on the bubble by the end.
  19. I can watch episodes of Cheers over and over...
  20. That one was 1992. OT game. 81-79. Legendary game-winner by Jamar Johnson. In 1993, NU won 68-64. Sealed by a dunk at the end.
  21. Caveman, I agree with ALL of that. I grant you the hypothetical (we can overcome the talent loss with better teamwork), But what reason is there to believe that any of that will change? What if we mired down with all those same teamwork deficits but with less talent?
  22. not too sure this isn't a good move for all and just bear with me a bit. we can easily make up the talent lost if we play as a team. i got sick of 5 individuals playing for themselves last year. rebounding by mad scramble and NO ONE boxing out for teammates. 1 on 1 defense and no helping out. wild shots no dishing on drives. 6 or 7 individual game plans on offense no real team work. this season was just painful to watch ( might have been the most painful cause we had despite comments from others about recruiting. this team was easily talented enough to win 20+). if Porter lives up to the billing by some, our team can be much much better. Cayton, Haiby, Kissinger, Porter, Bourne and Cain if all can stay healthy that's a pretty strong top 6.
  23. I’m ALL over that, Jamar Johnson with the game winner @ the buzzer if memory serves me...
  24. Bugs1 did post this on the prior page. (may have been just poorly worded or expressed, I can't tell for sure. )
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