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  1. NU - 63 UCF - 70 3 Players
  2. Nebraska - 72 St. John's - 67
  3. Nebraska - 78 Eastern Illinois - 63 Non-con: 9 Total: 19
  4. Worst Thing About Tonight

    Do other programs have the same problem with so many fans leaving early? I simply DO NOT understand this, it makes me so mad every time... The game wasn't even in hand today and people were leaving at the under 8 and under 4 timeouts. Seriously, is spending 20 more minutes of your day at the game going to kill you? Can't use traffic as an excuse in Lincoln on Wednesday night. Something has to change, our fans really disappoint me sometimes. I yelled the whole game, I don't care if we're playing Kentucky or Incarnate Word, make a little noise or at least stay until the end.