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  1. Cook will come back with this team and win a bunch....Riley not so sure. Really looking forward to women's basketball season...think we have some "gamers" that are real competitors.
  2. Anyone have anything new about summer team works outs...new players workouts, etc etc etc ?? Pretty quiet on the news front.
  3. Yea...read this a while back. http://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/track/for-superior-s-record-setting-freshman-kalynn-meyer-throwing-runs/article_abbca6fe-b362-54f7-95df-084bca3fbd40.html 6-3 as a HS freshman...threw discus 166! Great athlete...may not get her away from track team. Another: http://journalstar.com/sports/high-school/track-and-field/meyer-s-athleticism-off-the-charts-as-a-freshman/article_e49104b2-6b82-5497-ad37-f1eaaf4e6d9d.html
  4. Summer workouts ?

    This Nebraska crowd is ready for a few nice surprises this year. Last year was a tough one, but there seems to be a very positive vibes coming from the "new" squad. Welcome to Nebraska womens basketball and this board of basketball "experts"...we're very happy to have Ms Stallworth here, and hope she does have a great experience at UNL. I've gotten a few glimpses and feedback on your daughter's basketball skills, and am really looking forward seeing her and the team come together this fall. May take a few games to get their feet wet together. But that's all part of the fun. Like some of us predicted earlier....we may well win more games in the preseason than all of last year. If we're even close that....it will be an excellent start. Again ...WELCOME TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR DAUGHTER !
  5. Jess Shepard

    "To be blunt, here's hoping the NCAA doesn't grant her the waiver should Notre Dame apply for it, for the crap she pulled on her teammates the past two years!!!" ......DITTO
  6. Omaha World Hearld this morning on All State game / Kissinger sets record.... "Kissinger set NCA all-star game records with 26 points and 18 rebounds" http://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/basketball/husker-recruit-taylor-kissinger-of-minden-leads-blue-team-in/article_4d74071c-70d5-11e7-b0e5-f7b2c789ebfd.html
  7. Would think her dad being an x-husker athlete would have an influence on her decision where she goes to school ....especially if NU offers. Would like to see her play another year, and see how she improves....as noted she needs to work on her shots outside of the key, and further her skill sets. Just young and learning the game at this point. But she definitely has the ability to run the floor already.
  8. Non Conference record

    Let's put it this way...we might win more non conference games this season... than we won on all of last year's schedule.
  9. Kind of think the key word for next years development is the freshly given flexibility......that is... flexibility we didn't have last year. We, out of necessity....just had little ability to substitute with any experienced players. We were so new, and short handed... it was tough to be competitive. The two new freshman I doubt will be bench warmers...we need rebounding and shooting immediately. The two new red shirt guards will really reinforce the position. We'll still be young (and short on experience) but......Things are looking up !
  10. Pretty much right on HUD.....I just hope she's the shooter that we think she is. That being said, I suspect she won't be keyed on right away (by other defenses) in the BIG, and used early as a sub to get her feet on the ground. It's the old get up to speed in the college game. Not many newbies can go toe to toe immediately...at this level.
  11. That's going to be a challenging preseason schedule. There's a number of pretty decent teams. We'll have to jell pretty quickly....isn't going to be easy developing into a competitive team .. lot's of newbies, and inexperience. But...there are some that played a lot last season. I like what we've got coming this year as a squad....all will be pretty used to the "new" coaching staff. All the drama will be behind us for the most part. Good riddance. Let's continue to move forward no matter the youthful team.
  12. A guess of course, but I don't see us to much different ...scheme wise....than last year....but we may be a lot better at what we're trying to do.... than last season. More experienced at pretty much all positions except the post...but faster guards. ..and the kicker....we're going to be young, with about a third of the squad inexperienced, with one year at best for a couple ..... at the college game. The following year should be much the same pattern.
  13. The Ohio State

    Real interesting ....is the coach leaving or something?? They should have a pretty good chance at recruiting to OSU. Are their facilities way behind the curve?
  14. Kate Cain

    I hope Burns will be healed, and just be able to play. It's obvious she loves the game. ...and ....she can work with Cain in learning some the Rachel's toughness and aggressiveness. That may be one of the important things to adapt to in the college game. After all she'll be a freshman rookie, with ton's to learn. Sounds like Cain has some good fundamentals....as well moves with the basketball, rebounds... and can shoot. oh...and she's 6-5. That's height on the floor is a psychological boost to the team. Just hope she can learn fast and not be to overwhelmed. Good luck to her...sure glad she pulled the trigger for NU. !!! Welcome Kate !!
  15. Kate Cain

    I for one had no way to know what was going on behind the scenes recruit wise...but I (and others) did maintain there was a definite need for more bigs. And it was nice to see the staff listened to us!
  16. Kate Cain

    Really really needed add at the post. But there's still lots of room on the roster. Kate rounds out the roster at 12...we can carry 15. Pretty late even to get Kate....doubt we'll find another this late. Lose three this coming year....can take a big class next year. This team going to keep on changing.
  17. Kate Cain

    If I read that right...it's a BIG ! MORE: #138 by Prospectsnation 4* https://prospectsnation.com/players/all/2017 From an article: Leading the way for Hudson Valley this summer will be Kate Cain, a 6-5 post player who is currently listed as the No. 197 recruit in the Class of 2017 by the All Star Girls Report. “Kate is a good back-to-the-basket post player, but she can also step all the way out to the three-point line,” Reilly said. “She has a good basketball pedigree — both her parents played college basketball. She runs the floor very well, she has good shooting range and a nice shooting touch. Kate made over 80 percent of her free throws for us last year.” http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/katherine-cain/mSKEctTaEeW-8KA2nzwbTA/default.htm https://www.google.com/search?q=katherine+cain+basketball&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjM08uV39LUAhXrxYMKHWmxCpkQsAQIOg&biw=1600&bih=770
  18. Jess Shepard

    So...it's been quiet on here for a while... Anything that pertain to our team??? ..... that's real news on recruits...or....summer practice? I'm in the middle of moving......so have been out of touch a bit for a while. Just moving across town...but it's still a real pain.
  19. Jess Shepard

    Yea, she would have to sit......and she's gone....I'm all for letting her go
  20. Jess Shepard

    Don't want to be to negative....but... One of the articles said she as going to some "gym" in Omaha, I think, to get in shape and improve conditioning as she prepares to go to irish land. So we weren't good enough here, for her to improve conditioning ??? I guess it's an admission she knows she hasn't been in good basketball shape at UNL.. I'm pretty sure that was an issue with Coach Amy.
  21. Sam Haiby is N

    Just semantics really...but it's really the staffs first year of a full calendar year of recruiting. Last year they were here to late to put in the recruiting time necessary to build relationships for a class of players..

    Also very noticeable is we only have 11 on the roster. Room for 4 more right now potentially. Had hoped we could have found a post or two transferring.. or from where ever we could find them. Post's seem to be few and far between. No post per shown on the roster. Burns is shown as a forward. The roster shows Taylor K. and Grace combo guard/forward. It's not necessarily all that important what their shown as on the roster anyway I suppose. We will have more space next year even bringing in 4 newbies. Still a ton of building to do. We look like there will be a couple of classes in the future where we lose 4 or 5 at a time...not idea on a 15 member squad. Really hope we keep the roster filled...but that's asking a lot these days at post schools.
  23. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    And Cady....she wasn't a giant. But would mix it up under the boards. That's the thing that separates the rebounders, from players so to speak. They are willing to be aggressive and "bang" to get the ball. Some players, men or women...strong rebounding just isn't in their game. Our best rebounder this coming year, will need to rebound and be careful to not foul much. Need her on the floor as much as possible.
  24. WNBA 2017

    I don't follow the WNBA as much as I should.....but have Hooper and Turner been playing out of country recently?
  25. Sam Haiby is N

    The 2018 class has rounded out nicely. Some good height, and different skills spread throughout. All will have to adjust to the speed of the college game as our 2017 freshman did. But will be interesting to see who, will show their skills early. Maybe even a couple. Could be wrong but wonder if the bigger girls will be needed right away. By then, this will be pretty much Coach Amy's team. We'll know what she's trying to do conceptually.