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  1. Because the 3 are that good....just not as deep a team as they have been. Pretty sure the top 2018 player in USA just on it goes.
  2. Bye Bye JS
  3. Don't think we even know how capable the new staff is at recruiting...not yet. And may not for a while The loss of JS may hurt our recruiting, so it will be even harder to get newbies....but JS leaving does open the door for playing time to newbies.
  4. Thank you for posting dlrrk I've been saying it all year....we hope your daughter gets well and returns as soon as possible. The team needs her leadership....and saying it not because of Shepard leaving. (JS leaving may even help team attitude) "Burns" ..if she still responds to that nick name ...has always been enthusiastically welcomed to NU, for her value as a great team mate, positive attitude, and even better person. Enough said.
  5. She transferred there from ILL, and no I don't think she sat out.
  6. Really ain't trying to pile on...but....Ya know...a couple of times last year...I had the same thought when Jess got that kind of look on her face at certain moments.
  7. Guessing of course...... Suppose that's some of the reason(s) she's leaving ? Coach told her to get in shape before next year.... OR .....does she see herself as a Romeo and could be on a top team, and not a bottom dweller ??? KInda think maybe so. UConn....not a chance they'll need her In any event we're pretty much cooked for next year....other than Rachel if she can come back.....even with Rachel that's not bigs even in sight. Need two more.
  8. "Major props go out to these four studious Huskers!" +100
  9. Pretty sure Uconn only used one sub today....depth may be a problem before it's all done......but.....maybe not
  10. With her "supporting cast"....she's not their strongest asset. At times she seems to get the green light ans scores 20 or so. The coach must be waiting until next year when Plum is gone, and the complexion of the team will be different. .....kind of like us...but we'll be much different to, and stronger probably.
  11. NEW 3/22/17 Omaha World Herald article on women's BBall
  12. When I started BBall in elementary school....In the summer I had to walk up to school and play on an outdoor hoop, on a parking lot. Me and a couple other neighborhood kids played for hours...for fun.
  13. Also watched a few minutes of the Wash. game. Romeo didn't score a point while I was watching....watched some of the UConn game ...they're just such a force...scoring by every player, passing and assists, ....the unselfish "team" play is just something to watch. UConn has really jelled this year with several new players. More so than I thought they could going into the season. As said...who will be the runner up?
  14. Just optimist I guess about next year. Will still be in the lower half of the league maybe, but we'll be more experienced. Will win a few close ones we lost this year. Continue to think Burns is the key.
  15. Vote yes to the need to have the Nebraska HS girls shot clock. 35 sec maybe for girls. It teaches them to play "real" BBall...not some slow down boring game....slowed down on purpose.