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  1. She quit her WKU team....still in school ?
  2. Why not throw out a guess....having not seen Morton or Stallworth play at all..... although red shirting and team practices last year may put both of them a leg up so to speak. Kissinger is the unknown....just don't see her play much early on...but if she can come in dropping the bombs early....may get some playing time ?? Hannah Whitish Janay Morton Rachel Blackburn Nicea Eliely Jasmine Cincore We need bigs desperately. We are young.
  3. Didn't she play on the USA team with JS ? Was kind of a diamond in the rough it looked to me.
  4. Yep...lots of knuckle heads out there making ****** remarks hiding behind the screen. Pretty common these days....unfortunately.
  5. Yes, she was......but will open up the roster for yet another spot.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something but I liked her progress and she showed some nice skills. She apparently has her own reasons to do something else. Practicing with the red shirt guards may have helped her make up her mind about next year?
  7. Your right too.....It is a big concern though...especially to Dad probably.
  8. Note hoping for anything....but Romeo and others have not had to sit out when moving to another conference.
  9. If Dad's still a helicopter dad, at it's worse...then I The last thing this team needs is that corruption...chaos...what ever you want to call it. Most coaches probably can see it coming too...which will hurt Lanie's chances of going anywhere. Doubt she could get another "free" year either. So transfer out of conference, and hope she could play next year...or Div II...and doubt dad will go for it anyway. And... pretty much no matter where she goes, it would be a learning year in a new system. So playing time would probably be marginal the first year...which may make Dad explode...suppose that's possible ??
  10. Do you really think so Row.....? That would surprise me...but maybe not so much considering all the transferring going on...and on...and on. Wouldn't think Dad would go for that considering their leaving NU before. (I kind of thought he and Yori had a parting of ways at the time) I've noticed K State has picking up several good recruits the last couple of years...and the Paige girls have lost playing time....and gotten pushed to the bench as time as gone on. K State had a real good year, last year.
  11. Pre college, Lanie was supposedly the better of the two sisters.....but it never panned out at K St. She hardly played at all. Don't think the older Paige is starting, but playing some. She did OK from what I saw. So Dad may well, not be happy about his wonder girls college careers. Talk about hype that didn't pan out.
  12. Wasn't McCoy interested in NU at one time? She's a 6-4 big as I recall...if she's the one I'm remembering
  13. Slocum is hell of a player. I'll never understand what kids do anymore ??? Granted though...she's a long way from home.
  14. Nope... AD will get rid of the coach......get players and recruits to leave.....and lose as many games as possible....end up nearly last in league. That would never happen at UNL
  15. JS would have to become a different person/BBall player to go to UConn