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  1. Just semantics really...but it's really the staffs first year of a full calendar year of recruiting. Last year they were here to late to put in the recruiting time necessary to build relationships for a class of players..
  2. Also very noticeable is we only have 11 on the roster. Room for 4 more right now potentially. Had hoped we could have found a post or two transferring.. or from where ever we could find them. Post's seem to be few and far between. No post per shown on the roster. Burns is shown as a forward. The roster shows Taylor K. and Grace combo guard/forward. It's not necessarily all that important what their shown as on the roster anyway I suppose. We will have more space next year even bringing in 4 newbies. Still a ton of building to do. We look like there will be a couple of classes in the future where we lose 4 or 5 at a time...not idea on a 15 member squad. Really hope we keep the roster filled...but that's asking a lot these days at post schools.
  3. And Cady....she wasn't a giant. But would mix it up under the boards. That's the thing that separates the rebounders, from players so to speak. They are willing to be aggressive and "bang" to get the ball. Some players, men or women...strong rebounding just isn't in their game. Our best rebounder this coming year, will need to rebound and be careful to not foul much. Need her on the floor as much as possible.
  4. I don't follow the WNBA as much as I should.....but have Hooper and Turner been playing out of country recently?
  5. The 2018 class has rounded out nicely. Some good height, and different skills spread throughout. All will have to adjust to the speed of the college game as our 2017 freshman did. But will be interesting to see who, will show their skills early. Maybe even a couple. Could be wrong but wonder if the bigger girls will be needed right away. By then, this will be pretty much Coach Amy's team. We'll know what she's trying to do conceptually.
  6. From watching her play, it seemed she was going to be a continual contributor, and was improving. Liked her game. Good ball handler, shot was improving, nice guard for the future. Good luck to her ...I'm sure she'll succeed at South Dakota State.
  7. The obvious...there will continue to be lots of changes going forward, and it won't be long before all of Connie's recruits will be gone. I had hoped to see more 2017 bodies added, but not yet apparently. We have a pretty good nucleus here for 2017. We'll see how Coach Amy's philosophy gets intertwined with the team play next season. Imagine it will change quite a bit with the personnel we'll have for 2017 Got a nice class for 2018 it appears,but we all know how they look in HS,...but later... compare to the college game. Again...hoping for some recruit surprises going forward. Are the "new" staff good teachers?
  8. Watched her play in one game this last season....she's pretty in need of meat on her bones...should red shirt and grow into her height.
  9. Sila Finua Sign her up !! She's got some quick fear
  10. Agree 100% HB.....and's well hashed over.... And done. I kind of think we've moved forward now....onward and upward with Coach Amy. I'm very patient when it comes to her developing the program. So moving on...the 2018 class is coming together real well it appears. Room for one more probably. Don't know if we can get another recruit for's getting late. We're going to be better next season more than likely ....loss of a scoring post may or may not hurt us. We would have been a much different team even with JS anyway. More experienced...more skilled at guard.
  11. We'll see this next year if that's Coaches philosophy. We're going to be real guard heavy, so it pretty much has to be run and gun. Will be interesting to see if we have enough numbers... skilled enough... to be able to run all game long. But we will have more experience than this last year for sure. We do have to rebound on the defensive can we do it ?? Rebuilding.....what a pain
  12. Congratulations and welcome Leigha ! Really glad she's on board.
  13. Pretty sad deal that a B1G team can't get much more than 1,500 people there for games.. Offer free beer to students and the place would be packed.
  14. Leigha Brown stuff
  15. Been pretty quiet around the recruiting circles. Hey Row...anything of interest on 2018 recruits....or anything on 2017 transfers, etc ????