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  1. Buffalo - Nebraska

    It's going to be streamed video on your computer. My family is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner at 3:00.....not good scheduling on the families part. http://www.sportsnettv.com/
  2. Creighton - Nebraska

    It's Coach Amy's game style. The plan I assume is to wear the other team out, and save your own players. We'll see how it works...but just only a few games...or one year isn't enough time to evaluate. If the bench is good enough then it may work. If we have 5, 6, or 7 lets say, and their obviously far better than the rest, and they don't get the minutes, then I'll begin to wonder a bit too. For that matter, not so sure we now have deep enough bench to play 12 effectively. I't just where we are now. Next year we'll be deeper. And the next year may be deeper yet. Depends how we develop. I watch closer when it's crunch time, just how the substitutions go. I do think you'll develop your players faster playing everyone a lot. Granted it not the usual ...most teams play the most skilled ....the most. So, we'll see how we progress, not just this year, but later.
  3. Creighton - Nebraska

    Don't think that was the only problem Sunday. We just seemed to have "lost" our offensive game. Their defense had something to do with it, and they defended Taylor (and everyone else real close) Their coach had a good scheme ready for the game. I kind of see it as our very young team, that was tired, and couldn't/didn't recognize what was happening. ...and adjust on the go. We did go to a zone but it just didn't work to our benefit. They were on fire shooting the 3...we didn't defend against it real well when man on...or zone defense. It is/will be view as a lesson learned. Others may try it too since we didn't handle it to well. So move on to the next one. Hope we get everyone healthy, rested, and fired up. for the next couple.
  4. Creighton - Nebraska

    I may not have this exactly right, but Creightons coach said after the game......they went with a small lineup purposely to have their 5 pull out to the three line, knowing our bigs couldn't defend quickly enough (& not used to doing it) and they would get open shots. So it was planned...we didn't adjust apparently. And yes, Creighton wasn't bashful about physical basketball, a couple of them more so than others. And they did get away with it several times.
  5. Creighton - Nebraska

    Same old story. We shot 32%.....just won't win at that pace. Where was our back door shots, give and goes, etc etc ? Our mixing of lines ups didn't seem to jell. Their defense was the story. And their shooting 27 threes...made enough (40%) of them to keep us in check. Nebraska is Creighton's "super bowl" in about any sport, so you've got to be prepared to play. Like said, we looked flat from the start.....no fire. One of those ugly games. Move on, learn a lesson, what ever it may be, and get ready for a lot more games. It sure was great to see Nicea back. She seemed fresh after sitting for a while. Her presence was felt immediately. But we need Maddie too. Hope it's only a temporary thing. On to the next one. Get some rest and recover.
  6. Creighton - Nebraska

    The girls just look like their out of gas. The several games, a few days in a row.... is showing. We just can't hit a basket,..or free throws.
  7. Ms. Cain

    Yes, it's probably too early for any real analysis of Cain, other than she does have very, very good basis skills at the post. ....She's a true post.....something we haven't had for a long time. She's adapted real quickly. B1G play will answer a lot of questions, or concerns. She will learn. With her is really just a matter of maturing and adjust to the speed and toughness required in the B1G., and when it occurs.......it will happen. I think she'll make some big waves in the B1G season. Has the family background from parents that played college athletics...so has a good BBall IQ already. AND she obviously has what can't be coached ...6-5 height ....and is not a wall flower, or is 6-5 and 120 lbs. skinny. While she's started great, probably next year she'll really blossom. As said.......her strength and quickness will improve. She's still a H.S. kid...just graduated. Unreal find by the coaching staff. She has a real high ceiling. Sure glad she's wearing Nebraska on her jeresy .
  8. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Article in toda'ys Omaha World Herald: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/womens-basketball/taylor-kissinger-delivers-down-the-stretch-in-nu-s-victory/article_f91db2e2-cb26-11e7-9a72-b32a109a6ed6.html Read comments by Ark Coach...very complimentary by opposing coach
  9. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Kissenger was awesome for sure. Cain did a lot scoring, blocking shots, just being competitive inside (she will become even more competitive as she grows into the college game.) But Cincore was all over the floor challenging everything Arkansas did....the whole game. Showed senior leadership by never slowing down, never quitting. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Great example for the younger kids. Maddie really is coming of age so to speak in this scheme. She's becoming a force rebounding. Lots can be said about every player. They were all prepared and ready to go. Congratulations to the team !!
  10. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Very nice win !!
  11. Arkansas - Nebraska

    May be getting tired. It been a hectic pace for the young ones.
  12. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Don't know about the rest of you guys, but that was an impressive 1st half. Turnovers weren't pretty though
  13. 2020 recruiting...

    Dani Winslow: If she was at game must be interested, or possibly invited to watch game? http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/226173
  14. That didn’t take long ...

    Sure, we have a long way to go.......the point is we're heading in the right direction. And it may take another recruiting class or two to get into the competitive position we need to be in the B1G, and have a chance to be a top 25 team. We'll see of course. The travel to that point(s) is the thing to watch now. The next game with Arkansas should show a lot of where we've developed to so far. They're well coached and a fast team we'll need to defend.
  15. That didn’t take long ...

    It clearly isn't Coach Amy's scheme to live or die with three shooting. She has said so, and her past teams indicate that too. But it is a part of the plan, and we have several that can shoot from long distance. In today's basketball, men and women, 3's are raining down. In the last game several players were driving to the basket....it obviously has been emphasized in practice. Coaches overall team scheme isn't fully in place yet, not enough time or games yet. But it is clearly on going.....she has said so in press conferences/articles. Hanah and Bria have been making assists with regularity. While it's early in the season, I'd guess they're leading the team in assists, and that's one of the primary goals of a point guard in Coaches scheme. (most teams obviously) As a team we're making far more assists than our opponents thus far.......may have been one of their weaknesses. Team chemistry.....the players clearly enjoy playing together. Particularly compared to the last couple of years. The ego thing is in check, they're sharing the ball. The fast beak in the last game with Bria and Maddie was classic basketball. It seems to me anyway, one of the big reasons the team is turning around is the improvement in chemistry...players/players and players/coaches.