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  1. From the article on the award. WE MUST VOTE FOR COACH AMY !! The only Big Ten Conference coach listed among the 10 semifinalists for the Naismith National Coach-of-the-Year award, Amy Williams (Nebraska) joins Geno Auriemma (UConn), Vic Schaefer (Mississippi State), Jeff Walz (Louisville), Kelly Graves (Oregon), Kim Mulkey (Baylor), Muffet McGraw (Notre Dame), Robin Pingeton (Missouri), Karen Aston (Texas) and Joni Taylor (Georgia) among the contenders for the honor. The winner of the 2018 Werner Ladder Naismith Women's College Coach-of-the-Year award will be announced on March 31. Fans will be able to support their favorite coach by visiting naismithtrophy.com/vote between March 19-30 to cast their ballot. The fan vote will account for five percent of the overall final vote.
  2. Husker Women Hoops Recruiting

    My response to whoops post was primarily about shooters, and where we stand now, and how the newbies will fit in. We got more out of everybody on the team..(freshman or returning players)..than I expected...that's pretty much why we're where are near the top the B1G rankings. It's pretty easy to credit the coaching staff.. They've developed this team to what it is today. You can go down the players list and find lots of great things in each player did....they've responded super and excelled. Not sure what the expectations are for next year. We'll be a different team again. Like I said earlier..Coach has set the bar pretty high.
  3. Husker Women Hoops Recruiting

    Haven't talked about it much...but the elephant in the room all year has been our scoring inconsistencies. When we're hitting 3's we've done well...but at times we're not so consistent shooting. And watching recent games we've tried to drive to the basket to get more scoring. The coaches obviously recognize it and are working on the issue. Our defense has been huge keeping us competitive in games (and winning)...thank goodness and our stats rank us high in keeping other teams down in points...we may lead the league.... the last time I looked anyway. On the offensive end, we only have one player in the B1G top 30, in average scoring. Hannah. She's about 30th last time I checked. While we get points from several players, there's need for another that can reliably get near 15 ppg. It's coming...but probably not until next year... from Katy, Taylor, Maddie, or ? after they have gotten this year's experience. And by the time they're seniors ...wouldn't be a bit surprised to see it happen. It will be fun to see how Katy improves after this years experience. I doubt one of the incoming freshmen will be that ready, early anyway, to be a factor ..... that can be a big scorer...... that's yet to be seen. And a giant expectation. But we'll need at least a couple to step up and contribute after our seniors graduate. But that's all in the future. Coach Amy...you've set the bar pretty high this year. More experienced overall, but lots of newbies, like last year. What''s in store for next year?
  4. WNIT vs. The Dance

    Per McCowen: Three ways to get into the dance...(which is pretty much what we're saying here) 1. Win the last two Big Ten regular-season games, including at Maryland. 2. Beat Penn State or Maryland — but not both — and win two at the Big Ten tournament, reaching the bracket finals. 3. Win the Big Ten tournament.
  5. The top eight in the BIG

    Yes, agree........... OSU has the easiest schedule remaining. ...and maybe Minn is right in there too. The rest including us, have one "easier" game, and one tougher game left...in general terms. May not change the league standings much...but could very well change some teams prospects for the big dance. We'll see how it shakes out. No matter where we end up, I'm still astounded how far we've come.
  6. Cain may or may not win the B1G freshman of year, but to my estimation she'll be on a B1G All Freshman team. Kissenger too. (other teams sure were keying their defense on her all year.) Pretty good indication of how the league views her value to NU. Said it before but her complete game is what sets her apart from what I expected from an incoming freshman. (not just her shooting).
  7. Gophers destroying Terps

    Didn't see the first part of the game....... The refs are letting then play...(banging heads). Especially around the basket. So the more physical team is winning......kind of like us against Indiana. Ref's aren't calling the fouls. Finesse play and skill is out, and pound the crap out of the opponent is in. Minn is looking pretty good though......playing well at home. It almost looks intentional calling game this way after all year ...just making bad calls now and then......get the B1G ready for tourney time I guess ?
  8. They whine because we were beating them.. and they can't stand it. We're suppose to be the bottom of the barrel after last year and they hate it.
  9. WNIT vs. The Dance

    We had a Top 20 recruiting class for 2018 with a 7- win season last year. Consider what could be in store for the 2019 class with this 20+ win season, finish near the top of the B1G league, and also get's in to the "big show" or the NIT ?? Seems obvious...we have to be turning heads big time in not only the college women's Bball world.... but in H.S. girls basketball dreams of place to go for college.
  10. Down south it's called "red" (spaghetti) chili. Just old style chili (usually no beans), no chopped tomatoes, etc. Add some cheddar cheese and chopped onions toppings, is good too.
  11. Missed the game last night..had to do a Chili dinner thing at Church. Chili and corn bread was good! Watched the replay on B1G plus...the shooting came back...over 50%, to Mich St's about 40%. Boy did the 3's come raining down in Mich. Our guards got free and drilled them....several Huskers was in on the act. Hannah for president again ! Nicea played one of the top games of the her career with 17 pts. The announcer said at one point....something like Mich St is hanging in there for the underdog. So now we're seen as one of the best teams in the league. We kind of ran rings around them...our quickness overall was back too. Much better flow offensively. Dominated the boards 40-25 against one of the B1G's best rebounding teams. Something about road games?? Will serve us well when we get in which ever tourney we get in ...pretty soon really. Looked like we are back. Great...obviously we'll need it for the last stretch in Feb. Mich St was a big hurdle......now Indiana, Penn St, and Maryland. Can we call this our own little miracle season now ?.....unbelievably better than possibly imagined by this HHC poster....Far surpassed expectations. Just winning the next couple of games to 20 wins or so, is far more than could have been predicted this year. (especially after only winning 7 games last year) Have to give Coach Amy the B1G award to Coach.... and the "miracle" roster a medal of some kind. Think about this....Maybe Eichorst hired the women's basketball version of Coach Frost.
  12. WNIT vs. The Dance

    While I'm 100% for the women's team......I'm concerned after the Wisky game. Could be all wet but ..... Hate to be a downer, but unless they play better than they did against Wisky....there's not much chance of winning on out the B1G, or making the NCAA's. Just the reality of where we may end up, because we're too much on the border of being in or out. Unless we win at least 2 of the next 4.....plus maybe one+ in the B1G tourney..... But you can only play so hard for so long..then fatigue sets in. We have got to suck it up as they say, and pick up the pace once again, like against several teams beginning with MInn. Against Wisky, we sort of looked tired, or hit the wall and burned out a bit. ...maybe simply was off to long and lost or some of our competitive edge due to inactivity. We had what...10 points in the first qtr. Anyway, the next few games are more critical than ever.....and we got ourselves into this enviable spot with outstanding play. Just need a few weeks more ....of what they're capable of doing.
  13. BIG 10 Satndings.

    Talk about the men's team taking it's game to another level....they're the best men's team seen here for decades. I finally gave up my men's team tickets after Nee left, because it was to painful to watch......think how long ago that was. That the women's team is reaching for those levels is icing on the basketball cake.....icing I sure didn't expect in Coach Williams second year. Now the football team has new real hope. And volleyball...is well...NU volleyball ....national champions. GBR !!
  14. The thing about driving to the lane...sometimes a good option is to pull up for the 10'-15' jumper. The defense kind tells you whether to go the basket or pull up. That just doesn't seem to be in our game plan, at least so far. We try to go all the way to the hole, and our percentages aren't that high at finishing...at least so far. (I get that we are being taught/learning to drive the lane.) If you guys remember, Rachael T was great at the penetration/ short jumper. Our assists by the guards seems to be... not what it was before. And obviously the 3 shooting today was ????. Our offense used to get guards open for three's with movement and screens ...not so much the last couple of games. ....but that's what the other defenses are taking away.....what will our answer be? Our starting guards must step up together or separately to another level if possible....but even as good as they've played all year, they're still pretty young, and haven't fully developed their games. Maybe we simply didn't get into our normal flow.....too much time off?? Seemed a step slow at times. But as said earlier...we aren't sneaking up and surprising anyone any more. Teams are scouting us harder, and playing harder against us. We have to adjust further offensively, since we're not the hunter anymore...., but the hunted now. Janay and Bria seems to offer something different, and they were effective. Wish they could have played more today, just to see if they can make a long term difference in a game, as it's played. All of this just for discussion sake. Good night.
  15. Our starting guards had a rough time the last couple of games. It seems other teams have seen something on how to slow us down. Put the squash on our guards and it will deal us fits. Wisc isn't very talented but they use what they have....well. Foul a lot and constant moving screens all afternoon (especially their forward).....but if it doesn't get called ...keep doing it I guess. They are all about controlling the slow down tempo, and it worked for them most of the game. Then again we didn't seem to be able to set the tone like we do a lot. It's an ugly win, but...a win. It counts in the win column, and that's what we need. But we better get on the gas pedal and break out of the slump. Got big games coming up. Due for a wake up call. Maybe this was it. Hope we aren't getting tired and running out of gas. Get that edge back please.