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  1. Iowa (11-11) vs. Nebraska (15-8) Game Thread

    And since you live by this philosophy I’m sure you have never had an opinion or taken a negative stance on a decision made by our president or representatives in congress since you don’t know how to write a legislative bill or executive order.
  2. How many future pros are on our roster?

    X 1000. Been saying this for weeks. Roby should be shooting, driving and and having plays run for him to score at least 10+ times every game. Plus, this team needs to learn how to pass. Roby is open on his rolls off pick n rolls 70% of the time and teammates never find him. Unfortunately for Roby he is best passer on team and he can’t pass to hinself. This is also on Miles. He needs to communicate this and make it part of the game plan
  3. How many future pros are on our roster?

    Roby uses his length, athleticism and quick hands to get his hands (cleanly) on the ball and refs call a foul not because they actually see a foul but simply because they see something they rarely if ever see which results in a loose ball and conclude it must be a foul because no one else is able to swipe a ball like that without fouling. This is why I can’t stand refs because they don’t call what they actually see they call what they anticipate seeing. Then, after he picks up early quick fouls he has to play more “cautious” to avoid fouling out.
  4. Copeland didn’t box out againCopeland didn’t box out again
  5. Only 3 minutes left. Gimme a break
  6. Why is Miles putting Jordy in now?
  7. Only difference is the Rutgers guy flopped.
  8. Evan just drove into 3 defenders Roby wide open
  9. Roby does things average players can’t so refs just call foul assuming he must have fouled because other players can’t do what he does without fouling. Mind numbing
  10. Palmer a joy to watch. Hope those scouts are distracted don’t want him to get any ideas.
  11. Source of frustration, Huskers are a poor passing team. Includes poor decision making on pass.
  12. They have to keep going to Roby on the roll or under the hoop. He is open and it is there all day. Gill drove in and kicked to Watson in corner when Roby open under hoop.
  13. Did Somebody say before the season started that Duby would make us forget about Ed Morrow? Ugh!
  14. Pet peeve - when defender (i.e. Jordy) jumps to contest shot at rim and proceeds to jump clear out of bounds and take himself completely out of play. Stay in bounds!