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  1. Under Armour?

    Anything but Adidas! I always thought their shoes felt so uncomfortable and had a hunch it was the shoes that caused so many foot injuries for the women's team last year.
  2. TP5 would go nicely with the past three #1 overall picks on the roster, wouldn't he? I would be happy if they drafted him in the second round. I doubt he does anything, but i love the work ethic and will to be successful. I think they should just trade for next years first so we can draft Benny. the wolves need a sparkplug! I would take Benny over Budinger and Hummel any day of the week!
  3. Lol at the Creighton fan saying they play in the better conference.
  4. Over/Under Wins next season

    I'll go even
  5. Fred Hoiberg to have open-heart surgery.

    I wish him the best. Absolutely love what he's done at Iowa State and hope he goes on to coach My Timberwolves soon.
  6. Will he stay or will he go?

    In my mind why risk not getting draft and lose direct support with your teammates. I think he has to stay.
  7. The refs suck - NCAA tournament edition

    Not only did Bo Ryan call out the officials also called out Duke! "we don't rent Players"
  8. Petteway turning pro

    If James Michael McAdoo got drafted last year there is no reason Petteway won't go in the 2nd.
  9. Petteway turning pro

    He's not ready....
  10. Tarin Smith Announces Decision to Transfer

    I'm guessing Nate Hawkins syndrome.... I really liked him. His chase down block was one of our biggest highlights this season. Gonna miss him.
  11. Jerseys in the Lounge

    And now Lue is the associate HC for LeBron James, who is also his friend. Not too shabby, indeed. Seems like a good enough excuse to put up a LeBron jersey in the training facility. It can't be that much of a stretch from when Ohio State made a Buckeyes LeBron jersey. When the Cavs win their title w/ Bron Bron & Lue-y Lue-y, we're claiming it! I wonder if Lue can persuade "The King" to get Bronny to commit to Nebraskball in 5 or 6 years? Hey, a guy can dream once and awhile can't he! You know Lebron never did play College Basketball..... So he has like 4 years of eligiblity left right???
  12. Watson is not redshirting. He's the 8th best point guard in his class. wouldn't be surprised if he was a starterBut if you save him a year, he can play as Starter/Back up as freshmen with one team mate who will be a junior meaning Watson could be a starter for at least two years.
  13. 30 Petteway 30 Shields 27 Pitchford 25 White 23 Parker 18 Smith 15 Hammond 12 Morrow 10 Webster I think since Benny is a senior we will redshirt Glynn Watson so he can split time with Smith
  14. Nebraska (4-1) vs Florida State (3-3) Game Thread

    Well it's a miracle we got that win but it will help us in the long run