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  1. Cornhuskers - 77 Bluejays - 75 #LetItDie
  2. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Thanks HB. I'll check it out.
  3. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I'd be really interested to know what actually went down with this. Or maybe it's been put out there in other posts and i'm just out of the loop. At the time the news came out it was nothing but bashing of Miles/Nebraska by ever media source out of Omaha about how could they do this to this kid. There were some that said it was probably for the best but it just looked bad. And then his coach went out to every radio show/newspaper who would talk to him and just undressed Nebraska for what they did. I just thought it was kind of over the top reaction for what it was and am seriously concerned that that perception being put out there will hurt our chances with in-state recruits going forward. So if there is another side to that story i'd really like to know what it is.
  4. Cornhuskers - 75 Nittany Lions - 70 2 wins
  5. Cornhuskers - 74 Golden Gophers - 73
  6. Cornhuskers - 72 Fighting Illini - 66
  7. Lee B brings the hammer!

    I'm kind of shocked by some of the negative responses to this article. I know not everyone will agree but looking at this as a hatchet job on the basketball program is something i couldn't disagree with more. If anything I saw this as something that the basketball program needed to have said by someone other than themselves. Most all of us on here are on board with the direction the program is going and believe Miles needs more time. The only reasons we even have to question this is because SE didn't extend his contract last year and at this point none of us know what he is thinking. There's been way to much smoke coming out of this situation for there not to be some potential of a fire. He could have put the kibosh already if he really wanted to but he obviously hasn't. It just reminds me way to much of the same situation with Bo and we all saw that that ended in a firing. I will agree that sometime the OWH is overly critical at times of the NU Athletic Department (especially in comparison to the way it covers the CU athletic department). But i don't think that anyone who looks at the NU Athletic Department objectively could say that some of the faults that were called out in this article don't have any basis in truth. They definitely are not perfect.
  8. I'm sure you are correct on this. I guess i was more speaking in generalities about how the OWH seems to have a drastic slant toward the team in blue. At least in my opinion.
  9. This. All day long. You know it's starting to get bad when even the Jays homers at the OWH are publicly commenting on the officiating and how badly Nebraska is getting screwed. LJS and Robin Washut with HOL seem a bit more apt to call this out but when an OWH writer says something about it...it's bad. Although I'm pretty sure that a player would need to get maimed or killed without a ref calling a foul for Lee Barfknecht to acknowledge that NU might be getting screwed.
  10. Cornhuskers - 66 Spartans - 63
  11. Roby's 2nd Foul

    I know this will probably sound weird given some of the obvious things mentioned above that they messed up, but given how most of the games this season seemed to be called i think this was close to the best officiated game we've gotten all year. Obviously the bar is not set very high and it may be some recency bias due to the debacle that the Wisconsin game was but overall there wasn't a TON to complain about tonight.
  12. Cornhuskers - 69 Buckeyes - 66
  13. Cornhuskers - 73 Nittany Lions - 67 6
  14. Cornhuskers - 73 Badgers - 70
  15. Cornhuskers - 72 Spartans - 68